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Do you wish you could get your CEO on Twitter? Want to get your c-suite,  stakeholders and team members to jump on the social networks?

Pam Moore, CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social media, branding, digital marketing agency shares how to hand the challenge of getting your executives on twitter and other social networks. It is critical to set goals, objectives and get buy-in on your plan, versus only selling your CEO on social network platform. 

Topics covered include how to get buy-in on your social business and social media plan, not just Twitter, how to develop an online Twitter brand persona, how to humanize your brand and help your executives humanize their brands, and how to bridge the social divide between the social, generation s and the unsocial. 

Pam Moore is recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer, best selling author, speaker, trainer and consultant. She works with clients and organizations from startups to Fortune 100 corporations helping them integrate social media into the DNA of their business to drive desired business results and outcomes. 

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