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Can an audience or a social media branded community be owned? What does it mean to be owned? You have invested time and resource into building and nurturing your social community for your organization. Do you think you have a right to control them? 

The truth is you can NOT own your audience. We should not be trying to control communities or the human beings within them. 

It is more about communicating and engaging WITH other human beings versus communicating TO them. 

Instead we should be inspiring, energizing and influencing conversation. The focus should be on value, context, relevancy and giving, not control. 

In this episode of Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, social media marketing, branding, digital marketing conversion optimization that works with entrepreneurs to fortune 100 brands discusses very openly thoughts on if it is possible for brands to control and own an audience or social media community.  


Episode Highlights

Can an audience or community be owned?

Relationships are controlled by the people within your community, not just by you.

The importance of respect in nurturing communities.

The importance of communicating with human beings versus at them. 

Your audience has an audience of audiences

How spamming your audience and connections destructs trust and relationships from ever starting. 

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