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It is challenging for marketing and business leaders in organizations big and small to prioritize where they invest their time when it comes to marketing, branding and social media. When choosing what social network they want to invest in they often choose the social networks they more easily understand the benefits.

Even smart and successful marketers and business leaders struggle with understanding not only how Twitter works but most importantly how their business can benefit from using it. Twitter can be one of the most powerful social networks to help brands build community, reach new markets, elevate brand awareness, better manage and monitor reputation and the list goes on.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, social business, social media consulting, digital marketing, branding agency shares the top 12 business benefits of using Twitter. The content is applicable for entrepreneurs to large organizations, and newbies to veterans of social media and Twitter. This is the second podcast in the series "Twitter in a Nutshell" that is geared at helping you take your business results to the next level by better understanding and integrating Twitter.


Episode Highlights

Why Twitter for business?

12 business benefits of using Twitter

Why brands can not ignore Twitter

How brands can use Twitter to connect with people they could likely never reach via traditional mediums

How to build community using Twitter

How to increase ROI across all marketing and social media investment by using Twitter effectively

The importance of building an integrated platform to zoom business results

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