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Who is the modern, connected, social, savvy connected customer? 90% of them hold the knowledge of power in their handheld device which is in arms reach 100% of the time.

Did you know 90% of people have their mobile device within arms reach 100% of the time? Or that IDC predicts there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015?

40% of shoppers consult three or more channels before making a purchase decision. This is happening often times while they are shopping even at physical retail locations.

57% consumers will not recommend companies with poor mobile sites. This is important since 77% of consumers are likely to buy a product via recommendation and conversions are 4-10 times higher coming from trusted brand advocates.

The modern consumer of today is mobile, social, savvy and smart. They often hold knowledge in their hand more powerful than the sales representative standing in front of them.

They are not thinking "what device should I use to access website a, b or c to make a purchase decision so that the website displays best?"

Instead they are picking up whatever mobile device is charged and available, not "borrowed" by a colleague, kid or spouse! They are not questioning if it should be Apple, Android or Microsoft. They're choosing what is within arms reach. 

Mobile marketing must be embedded in the DNA of your marketing strategy from DNA. You can't throw it in last minute or use it as a band-aid to fix a broken business.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO and Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding and conversion optimization agency explains in detail why you can no longer ignore mobile marketing and why it must be at the forefront of your marketing plan, social business and launch strategies.


Episode Highlights

  • Why you can't ignore mobile marketing
  • Why your website and blog must be mobile responsive
  • Who is the modern, mobile and connected customer of today?
  • How much money are marketers spending on mobile advertising today
  • Mobile predictions the next few years
  • Importance of establishing trust
  • Why you can't simply build a mobile application to solve your website problems
  • Why you must embed mobile marketing strategies into the DNA of your business
  • Difference between mobile responsive and viewing via mobile device
  • How to get started with mobile marketing
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