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Is the real estate and vacation rental industry keeping up with technology including social media and mobile marketing? Are they doing all they can to inspire, engage, and connect with the new modern customer? Or are realtors ignoring these mobile, always connected and social savvy customers?

Many realtors, property managers and others working in the industry complain of not enough leads, their websites not performing to a level that delivers a positive return on investment and that they are not seeing results using social media.

This shouldn't come as a surprise with a few quick Google searches. Even the top searches return websites and blogs that are not mobile responsive, listings that lack visual appeal and the list goes on.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service digital marketing, branding, social media, conversion optimization agency shares strategies, tips and best practices to increase business results using social media, mobile marketing, online marketing as well as a higher return on their investments online.


Episode Highlights

My experience in looking for a home using the internet and a mobile device

What I would do if I were a social realtor

10 Tips for realtors to improve their online marketing results

How realtors can better use social media to connect with the modern buyer

How realtors can leverage new media such as video, podcasting and social media to grow their business

The importance of creating a community others want to join

Creating something bigger than yourself, bigger than what you and I can do alone

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