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Are you building a social media community built upon trust, meaningful relationships and value? Or are you building a self serving empire? 

Many marketing and brand leaders struggle with success in building community. They spend hours a day posting updates, engaging with community members and measuring results or lack of there of.  However, when you do the "double click" to see how exactly they are building this so called "community," it's easy to see they are really all about themselves. There is no real sense of community and in reality they are simply bringing people together so they can promote themselves and their business. 

Real communities are built upon trust, open communication, sharing, relevancy, context and meaning. They help nurture relationships and the members within the community help one another often times in both business and life. 

If you are frustrated and not seeing business or life results utilizing social media to build community it may very well be time for you do an assessment on your strategies for building community and nurturing relationships. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media marketing, branding and conversion optimization agency explains the difference between a real community built on trust and value vs a self serving empire. Pam helps you with a series of questions to help you identify if your behavior is attracting people to come closer to your brand or if your social media strategies and tactics are pushing them away.


Episode Highlights

How to identify the difference between a community and self serving empire

How to determine if your social community building efforts may be coming across as self serving to your audience

Providing value for community members

Enabling people to be part of something bigger than they can be by themselves

How to ensure you bring people closer to your brand vs pushing them away 

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