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Sometimes in life the moments that create the most success are the ones that may feel a bit rough around the edges as they are happening. The key to success is standing back up even when you get knocked down flat on your face. 


There are many business and marketing leaders who may tout they are change agents. They claim they lead their organization to embrace change and empower change agents with a goal of better serving their customers and broader community. They want higher efficiencies, margins, and to lead the way in innovation and working smarter, not just harder. 


Unfortunately when you pull back the covers on some of these so called change agents, they are really not doing anything innovative at all. They spend more time following, copying and bashing others in their industry vs really innovating. In reality they are falling to status quo. They fall to 


Following status quo is a huge risk for any organization or business leader. Though it may feel safe for a short time, you can easily lose your competitive differentiator. You may never get to where you need to go mostly because you are stuck in status quo and following others. 


In this 129th episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share a personal story explaining a big event that happened early in my career. I got myself fired from an organization almost fresh out of college. 


I was fired over an Apple computer. Yes, an Apple computer. 


Had I not gotten fired, or refused to accept status quo I would not be where I am today, period. 


If you have hit a wall of fear lately in stomping status quo, I encourage you to take a listen to this podcast for a serious dose of inspiration. I explain in detail why and how I got fired and why it was a very positive career and life changing event for me personally. 


I truly believe your business and life need to be free of status quo if you want to live a life zoomed with success and happiness. 



What do you believe? Do you believe in status quo? Or do you believe in real change for the right reasons? 

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