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Welcome to the digital marketing era where attention is the absolute most scarce resource. There is clearly no lack of people and brands trying to grab your attention. Every where we turn, every device we turn on, every social network feed we scroll, there is noise. Brands want us to check out their hot deals, digital marketers want us to watch their videos, download their white papers and the list goes on.

Many digital and brand marketers hop on Twitter with the hopes of grabbing quick attention of their target customer and audience. They foolishly think they can send a few tweets to a handful of influencers, beg for some clicks and links and they will achieve their business and goals.

The core foundational issue is they have the wrong intention. They have an intent to help themselves and achieve a quick win versus investing in the people who they want to trust them.

The truth is our actions speak louder than their words. Unfortunately many business leaders and even the most social savvy digital marketing experts are clearly unaware of their own digital body language. Their intention is easily seen by even those new to the social networks. It's often easy to identify a spammy business or marketer. When their posts, tweets and conversations are all about them, they wind up pushing people away versus bringing them closer to their brand. 

Your intention may be good, but your execution may be poor and negatively impacting your digital marketing results if you are not earning trust and attention as a result of the right intention.

You don't have very long to earn and lose trust. You can lose trust in one single 140 character tweet if you are only using spam tactics. Because attention is such a valuable resource, it is critical for marketers to maximize every second they achieve attention from their communities and audience. Attention can no longer be taken for granted. 

Check out episode 148 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for a "get real" discussion on the power of intention and trust in earning attention. You will learn why intention and trust are foundational requirements to earning attention for your digital, social media and marketing strategies and tactics. 

In this 13 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • How to earn attention with the power of trust and intention
  • Why and how your intention shines through your digital body language
  • How to leverage social networks to best meet your goals and objectives
  • The power of relationships and earning trust in building your business
  • Why you must know who you are and how you can provide the greatest value to your audience
  • Why the quick fix, spam tactics will not earn attention for the short or long term
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