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It's time get real on the value of your content. Is your content really providing value to your ideal customer, audience and community?

Many business and marketing leaders are spending loads of time and money on content strategies, framework, media, posts and distribution. However, when you ask them the value of their content and how it is resonating with their audience they often return a shoulder shrug and head shake meaning "I have no clue!"

Can you answer these questions?
Do you know if your content is truly resonating with your audience?
Is it providing them real value?
Is it helping them solve their problems?
Is it helping them grow their business?
Is it helping them become part of something bigger together than they can be by themselves as one?
Is your audience truly engaging with your content in a human way?
Is your content helping you nurture real and human relationships?
Is your content helping or hurting your brand?
If you would like answers to these questions then you are in luck today. Take a listen to the 173rd episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn 7 easy ways you can measure and determine if your content is providing value to your audience in the inspiration age.

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