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Becoming a social business and integrating social media into the DNA of your business is not easy. You can't mark a day on your calendar and state "that is the day we will be a social business."

You can't  just wake up and decide… “I am going to be a social business starting today.  I am going to do social, be social and kick some social butt.  My clients will know I am social. My neighbors will know I am social. My world will know I am social… because I am social.”

Unfortunately  it's not that easy. Becoming a social business requires planning, goal setting, understanding of your customers, partners, relationships, the broader ecosystem, your brand, the market perception of your brand, internal culture, internal mindset, stakeholder buy-in and a million more details.

Time to simplify and humanize! 

We must simplify instead of complicate the steps that will move us toward our goal. We can start small. We can simplify vs over complicate.

The heartbeat of social media is people. It's people who write and send the tweets, take the photos, record the videos and engage in conversation. We must take a step back from the technology and embrace the human factor in order to zoom real results.

In this 10 minute episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz, a social media, marketing, digital branding, content marketing agency puts social media in a nutshell! The goal is to simplify social media and help marketing and business leaders better leverage, integrate and benefit from social media.

Episode Highlights

What is social media in a nutshell?

Importance of focusing on the human factor and not just tools and technology

Doing social media vs being socially relevant

Heartbeat of social media is people

How online relationships are similar to offline relationships

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