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You have approximately 10 seconds to inspire, engage and keep visitors to your website or blog. If they are on a mobile device this can be even harder. Success in online marketing does not come from all of the visitors who "almost" became loyal brand evangelists or customers.

Marketers must figure out how to engage their online audience within the first 10 seconds or they are off to a competitor site. If a site is slow loading or has forms that don't work via mobile device the chance of that visitor ever taking the next step to engage in a relationship of any kind with the brand are slim to none. 

Given that IDC predicts there will be 1.3 Billion mobile workers by 2015, marketers can not ignore the modern connected and social savvy customer. 90% of people who own a mobile device have that device within arms reach 100% of the time! 

How do you break through the noise of tools and tech to identify the best tools to help you increase conversions and nurture a community of loyal brand evangelists and customers? 

You must have a combination of a solid platform that inspires and engages with amazing content, and a conversion funnel that guides them toward the desired action you want them to take. You can't simply throw up a default web form from your email marketing company and expect real results. You must get in the head of your customer and not only give them what they want but make it easy for them to obtain from you. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share with you my 5 favorite tools to drive conversions for both the mobile and traditional online customer visiting from a desktop. All of these tools are designed to support the modern connected customer and will help you retain that visitor to your site more than 10 seconds! 

This is the first Fab 5 Friday in 15 minutes episode we'll be providing on Fridays. Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding conversion optimization agency  shares with you 5 ways to zoom your business in life in only 15 minutes! We want you to get out there and enjoy life. The Fab 5 in 15 series is designed to help you save time so you can enjoy the WHY of life and business you are doing all of this in the first place. Please let me know your thoughts and if you like this format. You can comment below or send a tweet to met at @PamMktgNut using the hashtag #SocialZoomFactor! 


Episode Highlights

5 Top tools to increase conversions and business results for the modern connected customer

Why you must think about conversion optimization 

Definition of a conversion 

Types of conversions

Difference between mobile responsive and mobile friendly 

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Marketers can not ignore the importance of connecting with the modern, connected and social savvy customer. Mobile marketing must be prioritized in marketing strategies and plans from the start.

Did you know that the average American spends at minimum 2 hours a day on their mobile device. This adds up to 57,293 over a life time.

Mobile internet users have grown from 500 million in 2010 to a forecasted 3.5 billion by 2015!

You can't just throw the words "get mobile" onto a marketing plan and expect real business results. Developing a mobile marketing strategy and plan that delivers results requires proper planning, understanding of technology, created amazing user experiences, integration of social media, content and conversion funnels that drives desired action, proper reporting and measurement and much more.

The modern consumer of today is mobile, social, savvy and smart. Your online and mobile platforms must be able to serve them what they need and want from you how and when they need it.

Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor episode as Pam Moore, CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service digital marketing, social media, experiential branding agency delivers 15 steps to build your mobile marketing strategy and plan. I share with you tips, strategies and best practices to help you integrate, create amazing user experiences and drive real business return on your investment. It's not just about developing a pretty mobile website or application, but instead about how you can develop and launch an integrated platform that serves the needs of your customers and help you achieve your goals and objectives.


Episode Highlights

15 Steps To Develop a Mobile Marketing Strategy and Plan

What is mobile marketing?

Why you can't skimp on the right technology investment

Harnessing the power of social media

Eliminating technology and online silos

Understanding search intent, local vs direct online visitors

Optimizing for local user experience and expectations

Why you must embed mobile marketing strategies into the DNA of your business

Difference between mobile responsive and viewing via mobile device

The importance of the human factor

How to get started with mobile marketing

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Who is the modern, connected, social, savvy connected customer? 90% of them hold the knowledge of power in their handheld device which is in arms reach 100% of the time.

Did you know 90% of people have their mobile device within arms reach 100% of the time? Or that IDC predicts there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015?

40% of shoppers consult three or more channels before making a purchase decision. This is happening often times while they are shopping even at physical retail locations.

57% consumers will not recommend companies with poor mobile sites. This is important since 77% of consumers are likely to buy a product via recommendation and conversions are 4-10 times higher coming from trusted brand advocates.

The modern consumer of today is mobile, social, savvy and smart. They often hold knowledge in their hand more powerful than the sales representative standing in front of them.

They are not thinking "what device should I use to access website a, b or c to make a purchase decision so that the website displays best?"

Instead they are picking up whatever mobile device is charged and available, not "borrowed" by a colleague, kid or spouse! They are not questioning if it should be Apple, Android or Microsoft. They're choosing what is within arms reach. 

Mobile marketing must be embedded in the DNA of your marketing strategy from DNA. You can't throw it in last minute or use it as a band-aid to fix a broken business.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO and Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding and conversion optimization agency explains in detail why you can no longer ignore mobile marketing and why it must be at the forefront of your marketing plan, social business and launch strategies.


Episode Highlights

  • Why you can't ignore mobile marketing
  • Why your website and blog must be mobile responsive
  • Who is the modern, mobile and connected customer of today?
  • How much money are marketers spending on mobile advertising today
  • Mobile predictions the next few years
  • Importance of establishing trust
  • Why you can't simply build a mobile application to solve your website problems
  • Why you must embed mobile marketing strategies into the DNA of your business
  • Difference between mobile responsive and viewing via mobile device
  • How to get started with mobile marketing
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What is a Twit? It’s not the same exact thing as a tweet although it’s sometimes referred to as one. Is it a person? Is it short for Twitter? Is it a tweet gone viral? Or a tweet gone bad. Or neither? 

Twitter can be overwhelming for newbies to social media and even veterans of the online marketing world.

Understanding the social ecosystem you are jumping and tweeting into is critical for success. How do you know what is proper etiquette? How can you join the conversation and become a valuable, contributing member of the community as soon as possible?

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz a full service social media, digital branding, conversion optimization agency share 40 behaviors to avoid when using Twitter for business. With these tips the chances are quite high you will avoid being a "twit" all together! 


Episode Highlights

40 tips to not be a twit on Twitter

Why you must be human and authentic

Why you must read the content behind all links you tweet

Establishing trust and authority

Why you must never tweet when you are mad or upset

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Becoming a social business and integrating social media into the DNA of your business is not easy. You can't mark a day on your calendar and state "that is the day we will be a social business."

You can't  just wake up and decide… “I am going to be a social business starting today.  I am going to do social, be social and kick some social butt.  My clients will know I am social. My neighbors will know I am social. My world will know I am social… because I am social.”

Unfortunately  it's not that easy. Becoming a social business requires planning, goal setting, understanding of your customers, partners, relationships, the broader ecosystem, your brand, the market perception of your brand, internal culture, internal mindset, stakeholder buy-in and a million more details.

Time to simplify and humanize! 

We must simplify instead of complicate the steps that will move us toward our goal. We can start small. We can simplify vs over complicate.

The heartbeat of social media is people. It's people who write and send the tweets, take the photos, record the videos and engage in conversation. We must take a step back from the technology and embrace the human factor in order to zoom real results.

In this 10 minute episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz, a social media, marketing, digital branding, content marketing agency puts social media in a nutshell! The goal is to simplify social media and help marketing and business leaders better leverage, integrate and benefit from social media.

Episode Highlights

What is social media in a nutshell?

Importance of focusing on the human factor and not just tools and technology

Doing social media vs being socially relevant

Heartbeat of social media is people

How online relationships are similar to offline relationships

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Just as we think social media, marketing and business leaders were finally starting to "get it" in regard to the foundation of social media being about human connection, relationships, authenticity, there seems to be new wave of cheaters, influence score addicted self proclaimed "gurus" ready to risk their reputation, business, client relationships, integrity and more for a few hundred or tens of thousands fake Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

What is even more disappointing is that these are the exact same people who are tweeting, speaking, training and preaching about the importance of being real, nurturing real relationships and how to build and ignite a human social brand.

There are industry thought leaders setting up fake accounts that advocate for themselves all troll others on the web.

I believe these things are one big fat social elephant in the room that we all must no longer tolerate. Ignoring it is not going to make it go away.

Should you fake it until you make it? You can hear Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, full service social media, content marketing, branding, digital marketing agency share her  answer to this question in this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast.


Episode Highlights

Should you fake it until you make it?

How to identify fake fans on Facebook

How to identify fake followers on Twitter

The risks associated with buying fans and followers

Why you should never troll others on the web

The risk of spamming and cheating tactics to your brand

Why winning the sprint in life and business is not the objective if it requires cheating.

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As entrepreneurs, marketing and business leaders, when we start our career or new business venture we start with a zoom. We are ready to jump in head first, join the team and make both business and life happen. 

However, as the work piles on, tweets are flying and the never ending social networks are calling our name 24/7, we often grow weary. We let ourselves get caught up in algorithms, influence scores and things that don't really matter. 

It's easy to lose track and sight of the why we started our journey in the first place. Why did we join the team and jump on the field to begin with?  When we lose track of the why we are doing what we do, it's easy to wind up on the bench. Before you know it, you are watching life and business success pass you by. 

If this is you, it is time you get off the bench! You need to reach back into your heart and mind and find the WHY you started this journey to begin with. It's time you get back on the field and zoom your own game of life and business! 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz full service social media, branding, digital marketing, conversion optimization agency I provide 10 tips to help you build a social, business and life game plan to help you stay off the bench once and for all! 


Episode Highlights

10 tips to develop a social media game plan

Working smarter, not just harder

Seeking joy even when times are tough

Why you need a team to support you

Why showing up is half the battle 

How to get off and stay off the bench once and for all 

The power of a mentor to guide, motivate you and keep you on track 

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I am simply shocked at how many startups, small business owners, entrepreneurs and even marketers in large corporations wait until the last minute before launching their business or product to market to implement social media marketing strategies and tactics.

We have all seen them. They hop on Twitter the day before or day of launch throwing nothing but social spaghetti and spam on the walls of influencers, begging for clicks, plays, downloads, shares and everything in between.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't wake up to an inbox filled with spam web forms begging me to share info graphics, videos and the list goes on. My Twitter feed is filled with beggars spamming links to apps and software that they are confident will take over Facebook in the next 30 days.

What these lazy marketers don't realize is that they are doing their brand more harm than good. It is obvious they don't understand the social ecosystem of which they have barged into blasting nothing but noise.

Two of the top reasons marketing and business leaders fail to achieve a positive ROI when investing and integrating social media into their business and marketing plans is they are unprepared and they are impatient.

You will get out of social media, business and life what you put into it. If you take time to nurture relationships that are authentic and real, invest in the empowerment of human beings and provide content that is valuable and relevant to your audience, your results will be exponentially higher.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I provide another dose of "tough love" to help marketers in businesses of all sizes quit being lazy and understand the importance of a solid launch strategy. Included are solid tips for building an influencer marketing strategy, developing and integrated platform to zoom results and much more.  The better you can prepare for your business or product launch, the better your results will be.

Episode Highlights

Top strategies and tactics to leverage social media to launch a new business, product or mobile app

How not to do influencer marketing and reach out to influencers online

Tips for what you should do when reaching out to influencers online

The importance of building an integrated platform

Why you must building relationships and establish trust first 

The importance of knowing your customer and audience

The importance of embedding mobile in the DNA of your planning from day one

Why you should not damage your brand by spamming your audiences day of launch

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Many marketing and business leaders jump onto the social networks after being sold a bag of social goods from consultants and agencies thinking they can drive immediate business return. They often get sold on the belief that all they need to do is "do social media" and the magical social media fairy will deliver them a basket of ROI.

The truth is they wind up feeling as though their social program is spinning out of control. They focus too much on the science vs art of social media. They chase shiny objects and random acts of marketing vs spending time aligning social media to business goals.

It seems marketing and business leaders have forgotten basic marketing and business 101.

If this is  you, do not fear my friend. There is hope. You need to first acknowledge that you need a grip. Then you need to focus on your business goals and objectives and align social media to where social can have the greatest impact. You need to get stakeholders on board and integrate social into the DNA of your business.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor, Pam Moore CEO Marketing Nutz, social media, digital marketing, branding agency provides you with some "tough love" to help you determine if you need to get a grip on your social media. Don't forget to download the white paper for 22 tips to tame the wild social media beast!


Episode Highlights

45 signs you need to get a grip on your social media program

WHY is the most important question you must answer

Why should your audience care you and your brand exists?

Why you must align social to your business goals

Why YOU must lead the charge to get a grip on your social media program

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How is that Facebook marketing strategy working out for you? Do you ever feel like you are pounding Facebook social sand that never has an end to in sight? Does it seem that no matter what you do, you just can't find the needle in the haystack of ROI (return on investment)? 

Does it seem that Facebook takes all of your time yet you aren't getting a return on your time spent? 

If this is you, I have a recommendation for you. You need to get OFF of Facebook to do a Facebook check-up. 

You need to think bigger than Facebook. You need to understand your audience. You need to inspire, connect with and nurture relationships both on an off of Facebook. 

Getting out of the Facebook box you are stuck in might be just want you need to drive some real business and life results once and for all. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, social media, digital marketing, branding, word of mouth agency provides the steps needed to get your Facebook marketing strategy and results back on track. The recommendations may surprise you. 

Episode Highlights

  • How to Crack Your Top Facebook Business Marketing Challenges in a Nutshell
  • Why getting off of Facebook may be just what you need
  • How to assess your data and rebuild your Facebook marketing plan 
  • How to align to the needs of your audience 
  • Why the answers to your Facebook problem are not necessarily on Facebook 
  • The power of an integrated social business platform for driving real business results  
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It is challenging for marketing and business leaders in organizations big and small to prioritize where they invest their time when it comes to marketing, branding and social media. When choosing what social network they want to invest in they often choose the social networks they more easily understand the benefits.

Even smart and successful marketers and business leaders struggle with understanding not only how Twitter works but most importantly how their business can benefit from using it. Twitter can be one of the most powerful social networks to help brands build community, reach new markets, elevate brand awareness, better manage and monitor reputation and the list goes on.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, social business, social media consulting, digital marketing, branding agency shares the top 12 business benefits of using Twitter. The content is applicable for entrepreneurs to large organizations, and newbies to veterans of social media and Twitter. This is the second podcast in the series "Twitter in a Nutshell" that is geared at helping you take your business results to the next level by better understanding and integrating Twitter.


Episode Highlights

Why Twitter for business?

12 business benefits of using Twitter

Why brands can not ignore Twitter

How brands can use Twitter to connect with people they could likely never reach via traditional mediums

How to build community using Twitter

How to increase ROI across all marketing and social media investment by using Twitter effectively

The importance of building an integrated platform to zoom business results

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Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks to help business and marketing leaders increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, ignite personal brands and nurture relationships that bring great benefit in both business and life.

Unfortunately Twitter is also one of the most difficult platforms for many to understand and master. However, the results can be amazing for those who invest time to learn and understand how Twitter can fit in within their overall marketing and business strategies, tactics and plans.

This is the first of a series of episodes of the Social Zoom Factor podcast where Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, social media marketing, digital marketing, brand agency digs into the details of how business leaders in organizations of all sizes, from startups to large corporations can achieve a positive ROI and zoom both life and business utilizing Twitter for business. The goal is to help you put Twitter in a nutshell to help you learn, master and zoom results with Twitter as quickly s possible!


Episode Highlights


How Pam Moore got started using Twitter

How Pam Moore grew her following on Twitter to over 200,000 people

15 tips to zoom results using Twitter for business

How to develop a Twitter strategy and plan

Developing your own personal Twitter brand persona

How to balance both art and science

Importance of two-way relationships vs one-way

How to learn what your audience thinks of you and your brand with Twitter lists

Humanizing your brand using Twitter

What you should NOT do on Twitter

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Do you wish the magical content marketing fairy would fly into your office and help you create the most amazing content that energizes and inspires your social communities, audience, customers, stakeholders and friends?

Does it seem there is simply not enough time to create relevant and helpful content that your audience will devour?

If this is you, today is your lucky day as this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast is loaded with tips to help you get a running start again by maximizing the use of content and resources you already have.

Leveraging what you already have will help you maximize to monetize the investment you have already made to date in content marketing and other creative and social marketing assets!

It's not always about re-inventing the wheel but instead finishing what you have already started and learning how to integrate your efforts across mediums, audiences, organizations, programs,  teams and more!

Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media, digital marketing, branding and word of mouth agency offers tips and strategies you can implement immediately to help your content and business results zoom turbo! 

Episode Highlights: 

How to leverage content you have already created

How to maximize to monetize prior investments in content marketing assets

How to complete a quick content marketing asset inventory analysis

How to prioritize future investments with data and analysis

Aligning content to the needs of your audience

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With the introduction of social media and modern marketing tactics and strategies, times are changing. Many of the old school marketing tactics that use to work for marketers in businesses from startups to Fortune 100 organizations no longer work today.

It's clear that there is not a need to send mass numbers of tweets or Facebook updates to fill space.  The social inter webs are tearing at the seams with an overwhelming amount of noise. It's getting harder for brands to stand out and unfortunately many of them are falling to noisy, interruptive and spammy tactics.

It's not about pushing content to the masses as fast as we can and hoping we get eyeballs, ears and mindshare. Hope is not a strategy, nor is spam.

Smart marketers are quickly learning they must stop the interruption marketing tactics and instead focus on delivering value, meaningful conversation and connecting at the human level with the people within their communities and circle of influence both online and offline.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, social media consulting, social business, digital marketing and branding agency helps you do a reality check on if you are interrupting conversations versus providing value. We'll dig into tactics and strategies to identify such negative strategies and transition to an approach that will deliver much higher result for both you and the members of your social media communities.


Episode Highlights: 

Interruption marketing defined

Acknowledging if you are guilty of interruption marketing

How to quit interrupting and start providing value

The difference between value and noise

How to talk with your audience, not at them

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Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) are mean little monsters. They crawl in through open cracks in marketing plans and take advantage of people who feel overwhelmed and are desperate for results. They thrive off of lack of planning, short budgets and over stressed teams. They live in digital marketing plans, social media plans, branding strategies, website development projects and go to market activities and tactics. 

Although RAMs may feel good for the short term, they are very bad for business and also for the career of the person implementing them. Unfortunately even the smartest and most social savvy business leaders fall victim to random acts of marketing (RAMs) from time to time.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, full service social media consulting, digital marketing, branding and conversion optimization agency shares 15 reasons Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) don't work and why they are bad for our business. These tips are useful for marketing and business leaders in organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurs, small business owners, to corporate marketing and business executives.

RAMs will eat every last bit of your ROI for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stomp them before they stomp you and your budget!

Episode Highlights: 

-15 Reasons Random Acts of Marketing are bad for business

-Why RAMs can destruct your career

-How to identify if you have a problem with RAMs

-The importance of aligning to business goals and objectives to stomp RAMs

-Why you can't over focus on the task list

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Can an audience or a social media branded community be owned? What does it mean to be owned? You have invested time and resource into building and nurturing your social community for your organization. Do you think you have a right to control them? 

The truth is you can NOT own your audience. We should not be trying to control communities or the human beings within them. 

It is more about communicating and engaging WITH other human beings versus communicating TO them. 

Instead we should be inspiring, energizing and influencing conversation. The focus should be on value, context, relevancy and giving, not control. 

In this episode of Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, social media marketing, branding, digital marketing conversion optimization that works with entrepreneurs to fortune 100 brands discusses very openly thoughts on if it is possible for brands to control and own an audience or social media community.  


Episode Highlights

Can an audience or community be owned?

Relationships are controlled by the people within your community, not just by you.

The importance of respect in nurturing communities.

The importance of communicating with human beings versus at them. 

Your audience has an audience of audiences

How spamming your audience and connections destructs trust and relationships from ever starting. 

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Are you energizing and breathing life into your online communities or are you zapping their energy? 

As a community leader, the people within your social media communities are looking to you to energize, inspire, and engage them. 

People want to be inspired, educated, and empowered. They want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. They don't just want to be talked at, but instead talked with. They want to feel a sense of belonging and that someone cares about them. 

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, branding, digital marketing, conversion optimization agency shares 50 specific ways you can energize, inspire and ignite your online social communities and audiences. 


Episode Highlights

50 ways to inspire and energize your communities and audience

The importance of being patient when growing and nurturing communities

Why you must know your audience well 

The importance of a content marketing plan and framework when building communities

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Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content on the social inter webs, podcasts and videos telling you how to tweet, Instagram, Facebook, write content, build your brand, and drive real results with social media? 

Do you feel that half of the advice you receive conflicts with what others have instructed you to do? 

One of the biggest challenges many marketing and business leaders face is learning to separate fact from fiction. Being able to separate the myths, lies and fairy tales from the truth is a first step to achieving real business results. 

In this episode of Social Media Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore CEO & Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding agency busts some of the most popular social media myths that may very well be holding you back from success! 


Episode Highlights

-Top social media myths busted

-Why you must be socially relevant, not just do social or be social

-Why cookie cutter approaches don't work

-Why you must be careful of the "just get on Facebook" social media plans

-Why you must let go of old habits, fast

-Why time is your most valuable asset

-How to separate fact from fiction

-How to set your own course of action for success

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As entrepreneurs, marketers and business leaders, we all make excuses. It happens to the best of us. Even if we start out a project, career or new business venture with the greatest of intentions, life often gets in the way. People get in the way. Failing business systems and technology slow us down.

Many find themselves buried in challenges, obstacles and roadblocks. They often wind up settling for status quo and forget why they started the journey, the venture in the first place.

The key is to not let the challenges, obstacles and roadblocks stop you from success. Don't let them put you into a cycle of making up excuses that stop you in your tracks.

It's time you crack the nuts that are holding you back. Fix that broken business or email marketing system. Implement the website or blog you have been planning for the past year. It's time to get stuff done and stop making up excuses why it's not done!

Each day you have a choice. You can either own the day or you can let it own you. The same thing goes for the week, month, year and life. You can choose to make your life and business happen or you can sit back and make excuses why nothing good is happening.

Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, social media, digital marketing, branding agency gives you some serious tough love. If you're stuck in a rut, need some inspiration to get unstuck then this is the episode for you.


Episode Highlights

-Quit making up excuses and get to work

-Why you must take the skeletons out of the closet and deal with them head on

-Selecting 3 top changes you will implement this month to move your business and life forward

-Getting your stakeholders on board with the needed changes

-Working across silos

-The power of mindset

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Word of mouth marketing, buzz marketing, influencer marketing. You know the buzzwords maybe more than you want to. You want people talking about you and your brand.


However, you likely want social media business results even more!


Generating social media buzz is good. However, the key is being able to create buzz that helps you deliver real business results.

Buzz without bucks will not pay your team salaries, the office rent or the monthly subscriptions for all of those social media tools you are using to create all that fancy buzz.

Creating buzz without a plan to achieve results is equivalent to creating buzz in a social media vacuum where you just suck up the opportunity of success in a loud funnel of noise and mess.

The question is are you generating buzz that leads to bucks? Or are you generating buzz wishing you had more bucks?

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, Full Service social media, branding, digital marketing, content marketing agency digs into why so many are getting caught up in the buzz and losing grip of business and marketing 101. I also share with you some specific strategies and tactics for how you can move from buzz to bucks and real social media results.

Episode Highlights

Top reasons marketing and business leaders get stuck with buzz and no bucks! 

How to move from social media buzz to real business results

Importance of knowing your audience

The importance of leveraging what ya' got when creating content

How to create a content inventory analysis

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We all know that "turning off digital" is becoming harder and harder. There is literally a conversation happening 24/7, 365 days of the year that you can tap into and join instantly. It's almost as if we hear our devices whispering thing like "turn me back on, push that button, scroll me, post me, don't turn me off for so long."

Social networks, smart phones, apps, tweets, Instagram photos, text messages, Facebook posts, are Google+ conversations are becoming embedded in our digital life.  90% of mobile users keep their device within arms reach 100% of the time.

The question is WHY are you spending so much time online? Are you investing time online for the right reasons? Is your time invested delivering the results you want? It is getting you closer to your life and business goals? Or is it taking you away from them? Are you spending less time with family even when you have made life choices to spend more time with them. However, is it your digital lifestyle that robs your most precious time?

In this special 10 minute Sunday episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, social media, digital marketing, branding agency digs into the importance of assessing where you spend your time online. Is your digital life providing the value it could and should be?

Episode Highlights

-The importance of assessing where and how you spend your time online

-WHY are you spending time online?

-Brian Solis 5 V's of Value (Vision, Validation, Vindication, Vulnerability, Vanity)

-Turning off digital to turn on to what matters

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We all know the social web is filled with a lot of fud and questionable information. Sometimes it is hard to make your way through the promises, tweets, differing opinions and more.

This episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast provides you with 34 Social Media Truths we have known to be true.

The Social Media Truth series is based on a keynote presentation I did at the Rochester Institute of Technology in late 2012. I have been writing on the core concepts since then and it has served as a foundation for much discussion. I used the content as a test project to practice what I preach, build and execute an integrated plan around one solid piece of content.

Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media, branding, digital marketing, content marketing agency shares with you the approach she took to leverage one slide deck for almost two years and also the details of each one of the 34 Social Media Truths. It's an action and information packed episode definitely worth your listen! 


Episode Highlights

  • 34 Social Media Truths in a Nutshell 
  • How to leverage one piece of content (slide deck) for one, two or three years 
  • How people don't buy things, they join things
  • Power of relationships 
  • Social media strategic planning 
  • Importance of setting goals
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