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A picture can speak a thousand words! Visual marketing is not just the latest marketing or social media buzzword. Visual marketing is a form of content marketing and branding that enables you to communicate with, inspire and connect with your audience in very memorable, inspiring and compelling ways. 

Did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text? 

Visual marketing can help you better tell stories, emotionally connect with your audience and community, increase brand awareness as well as achieve your business and marketing goals. 

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear my 5 favorite visual marketing tools to drive efficiencies in creating visual images, better inspire audiences and enhance your social brand! 

This is the fourth Fab 5 in 15 episode we publish on Fridays. In our special Fab 5 Friday Social Zoom Factor episodes Pam Moore CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital branding and marketing agency shares with you 5 ways to zoom your business in life in only 15 minutes! We want you to get out there and enjoy life. The Fab 5 in 15 series is designed to help you save time so you can enjoy the WHY of life and business you are doing all of this in the first place.


Episode Highlights


5 Top visual marketing tools 

Why visual marketing? 

Using visual marketing at live events

How to drive efficiencies with visual marketing tools

Sharing visual images across multiple Instagram accounts 

How to frame multiple images into one framed image to be shared on Instagram and other social networks 

How to repost images from another Instagram account 


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Every brand touch and impression you have on a client, audience, partner or potential customer matters. There is not one touch or one experience that matters more than another.

It takes on average a minimum of 6-7 brand touches before someone will remember your brand. You only have one chance to make a first, second and third impression.

A brand can be delivering 95% positive, memorable and delightful brand experiences. However, if even one touch is negative it could be destructing brand equity, brand loyalty and bottom line revenues. It could be the key inhibitor keeping a brand from achieving their business goals and objectives.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, experiential branding and word of mouth agency shares a recent experience visiting Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso and Intercontinental hotel on a recent trip to Athens, Greece.

It is a compelling case study that validates the impact one single brand impression can make on a series of brand impressions and overall brand loyalty and decrease in average spend during a hotel stay. One of the hotels discussed delivered a consistent positive experience, where the other did not.

Take a listen to the podcast and learn why you must ensure every brand experience is as as delightful as possible if you want to earn loyal brand evangelists, increase brand equity, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction overall.


Podcast Episode Highlights

Comparison of Intercontinental Hotel and Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso

How one brand impression decreased my overall spend at Divani Apollon Pallace

Why hotels must care about every customer experience, including the gym area

Why value matters and ripping customers off can decrease money spent as well as decrease brand loyalty

Supporting Resources:


Digital Body Language: 105 Factors Impacting Your Business and Personal Brand (white paper)

Social Media Audience Analysis Worksheet

10 Things You Must Know About Your Audience (episode 4)

Surprise and Delight Customers to Earn Brand Loyalty: Delta Airlines Case Study (episode 69)

Power of a Smile: 10 Tips to Smile Virtually: Delta Airlines Case Study (episode 71)

Employee Brand Advocacy Webcast Instant Replay (webcast)

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Real results can be achieved using social media only when you know how to inspire and connect with your audience. Earning brand loyalty requires both art and science. 

The power of a smile can be life changing. Have you ever had one of those moments where a smile on someone's face simply brightened your day? Where an unexpected simple smile reminded you there are still good people in this world?

A smile can warm a heart. It can help shed a tear. It can make a cloudy day feel sunny.

In business a smile can earn a loyal customer for life. A smile can help solve a problem and even save a customer.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I share a recent positive experience I had with Delta Airlines on a recent trip to Greece where a smile simply made my day. Through a series of positive brand impressions and experiences, Delta has quickly earned my loyalty and trust. The experience even inspired me to share it with my friends, family, online community and listeners to this podcast.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, a full service, social media, digital branding, content marketing, conversion optimization agency shares 10 tips to smile at your customers online. Though we can't always smile at our customers and community in real life, we can definitely deliver them smiles in the form of digital and social body language. How we talk, how we listen, respond and communicate are all virtual ways in which we communicate and the loyal trust of our audience and social media community members.

Take a listen to the podcast and learn how you can deliver virtual smiles to your audience and increase brand equity, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction overall.

Podcast Episode Highlights

The power of a smile

Delta Airlines case study in the power of a smile

10 Tips to virtually smile at your audience, community and listeners utilizing social media

The power of social and digital body language


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Have you tried implementing an employee brand advocacy program only to find you are constantly hitting internal business road blocks?

Do you struggle with getting the buy-in from key stakeholders? Do you feel like you are herding cats getting even your pilot program off the ground?

A successful employee advocacy program requires more than a fancy slide deck, and lip service approval from the c-suite.

If you want real results everyone from the CEO and c-suite, executive directors to employees must have skin in the game. You must earn their buy-in, support and belief in your program. You need to ensure them they are part of something that is bigger than themselves and what you or them can do alone.

Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast from Pam Moore, CEO and CoFounder Marketing Nutz, a full service social business, digital marketing and branding agency, for a discussion on why key stakeholders, business leaders and employees must invest in employees and why employees must be committed to the program for the right reasons.

Podcast Episode Highlights

Why commitment from the c-suite is imperative

Why buy-in from middle management and directors is important

Why employees must have skin in the game

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What human being doesn't love a delightful surprise? An unexpected and positive brand experience can create memories that last a lifetime.

It's not the status quo of life and business that we remember and want to shout from a mountain top and tell our friends and colleagues about it.  

Why is it so many brands focus only on status quo? I really do wish more brands would choose to delight me and give me something more than what I expect and what all of their competitors deliver. 

Brand leaders must embrace the need and importance of creating positive customer experiences. Surprising and delighting customers can help brands increase customer loyalty and even inspire their audiences to share the delightful experiences far and wide with their networks both online and offline.  

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear Pam Moore, CEO and Founder Marketing Nutz, a full service social media, digital marketing and branding agency share a case study about an amazing, delightful and unexpectedly pleasant experience I recently had while flying on Delta Airlines on a trip to Athens, Greece.  I also compare the experience to a not so delightful experience I had on a recent and prior trip flying Jet Blue airlines.  

Listen to the podcast to also hear specific tips and strategies for how business and marketing leaders can create delightful and unexpected experiences for their customers and community. 

Podcast Episode Highlights

Why all brands should have a goal to surprise and delight their customers consistently

How to create delightful and unexpected customer experiences

The benefits of creating delightful, unexpected customer experiences 

Earning loyal brand evangelists via delightful customer experiences 

Why brands must provide a better than status quo customer experiences 

Importance of knowing your customer and giving them what they want before they know they want it 

Acknowledge the needs of your customers and clearly communicate the fact you will deliver to the needs

The importance of consistently making every brand touch count 

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Did you know that 41% of people believe employees of an organization are more trusted than the CEO, founder or public relations department, according to  Edelman Trust Barometer?

Your employees are the front door, back door and window to your brand. They know what is inside your brand and are the people who make the authentic delivery of your brand promise to your target audience, customers and social online and offline communities a truth or a myth.

Your employees are already active on the social networks today regardless if you want to acknowledge it or not. They are already making hundreds and thousands of brand impressions every day on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the list goes on.

The majority of organizations and business leaders today want to increase brand awareness and brand equity, grow their community, increase sales and earn the support of loyal brand evangelists.

What they don't realize is that some of the greatest opportunities for quickly recruiting and earning internal brand advocates and external brand evangelists to grow their business are sitting right within the walls of their own company.

Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and learn the top 10 reasons employees are your best brand advocates from Pam Moore, CEO and founder of Marketing Nutz, a social business, digital marketing and experiential brand agency. 

An employee brand advocate program can help you inspire and engage employees to not just understand your brand promise but to live it! Creating such a program often helps you do the "double click" on what is really happening within your organization in regard to employee advocacy or lack there of, understand who is already utilizing the social networks and who needs training.

Bottom line, you can never go wrong by investing in your greatest asset, which is the human beings within your organization. When you invest in them, they are more inspired to invest in your customers, partners and greater community of humans.


Podcast Episode Highlights

Top 10 reasons employees are your greatest brand advocates

How employees create organic conversations to inspire others to connect with yuor brand

How empowering your employees powers up your brand

Why employees are more trusted than your CEO, Founder and marketing department

Your employees are already investing in  your brand, invest in them

How to bridge the social digital divide with an employee brand evangelist program

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There is a new social kid on the social networking block. This kid goes by the name of Ello. Many are jumping on to the new social network and saying hello Ello by the thousands per hour. However, the real question is how long will they stick around? As I always say, what happens after the like is far more important than the initial like, or in this case "hello."

Are the people jumping onto Ello doing anything more than saying hello?

Ello touts itself as the anti-Facebook and plays against the Facebook business model of advertising, privacy issues and now requiring real user names.

In my opinion, any network that has a primary value proposition of taking out Facebook is failing from the start and needs to go back and do their marketing 101 homework.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO and Founder of Marketing Nutz, a full service social media, digital marketing, experiential branding and content marketing agency shares with you her thoughts on the new social network, Ello and if  it's "Hello Ello" or "Goodbye Ello." I also do a quick review of the Ello Manifesto, privacy policy and business model.

Episode Highlights

Do we need another Facebook?

Is it time to say hello to Ello?

Will people say goodbye to Ello before really saying hello?

What will it take for a social network to ever beat out Facebook?

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Becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination. You can't just mark a day on the calendar and say "this is the day we will be a social business." 


We must embrace the journey. We need to endure the bumps, valleys and remember we are in this journey for the long haul! We need to build a team of people who are ready for the journey and can see the vision ahead. 


If you are having difficulty seeing real results from your investment in social media, it may be time for you to do a quick mindset check. The problems may be in your own heart, mind and attitude vs The keys to success in integrating new media, social technologies and social business practices into your business for real results are in the people, human relationships and leading teams to achieve goals and objectives. 


We must embrace imperfect perfection and know that perfection is the enemy of good. Sometimes really good is good enough! 


In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz share with you 25 tips for a healthy social business mindset. I share with you why success is as much about the art of human relationships as it is about learning and understanding the technology and new media platforms. 

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There definitely is no shortage of social media self proclaimed gurus and experts willing to tell you exactly what you should do to achieve results in business using social media. 

You could spend every waking moment of your day reading blog posts, analyzing industry reports, peeling back the onion of the best practices from the social scientists. 

They have advice on everything from how to tweet, how to get retweeted, what time of day to tweet, and when, how and why you should be on one social network over the other. In addition you can find a ton of advice on how to become a social rockstar overnight with their magic social media pill for a low price of $49! 

There is a hard reality you must understand. You need to quit building your strategy based solely on the advice of social media gurus and scientists. 

Why you ask? Because you need to build your own plan that supports the needs of your audience and your own business goals and objectives. These gurus we are referring to do NOT know your audience, your business or your goals and objectives. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz a full service social media, digital marketing, content marketing and brand agency explains why you must stop taking the advice of gurus as the social media gospel and why you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work building your own plan. 


Episode Highlights

Why you must stop basing your social media strategy on guru advice 

Why you must build your own plan 

Two case studies showcasing why the guru advice does not always drive desired outcomes 

Why there is no replacement to knowing your audience 

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Your employees are conversation starters and the front door to your brand 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year. Their reach, impact and conversations with their friends, colleagues, communities and networks they influence don't stop when they punch out for their day job with your organization.

According to Edelman's Trust Barometer, 41% of people think a company's employees rank higher in public trust than their PR department, CEO or Founder!

84% of people trust recommendations from friends and family above all marketing.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO & Founder Marketing Nutz a full service social media branding, digital marketing and word of mouth marketing agency explains why you should consider an employee advocate program to quickly power up your brand and business results!


We are also pleased to announce the first of a series of conversations and educational events to help business leaders understand how to develop and execute a brand advocacy program in their organization to increase employee engagement as well as increase brand awareness and business results.

This exciting new series is co-hosted and sponsored by our new partner, EveryoneSocial.

How to join the conversation and tap into the power of your employees to power up your brand!


Download the white paper outlining 9 Steps to Develop an Employee Brand Advocate Program

Listen to the podcast to learn why employee brand advocate programs drive results.

Join the conversation on October 7th at 9pm et via #GetRealChat Twitter Chat.

Register for the webcast scheduled for October 15th at 1pm et!

Episode Highlights

How to join the conversation and upcoming events to help you build your own employee brand advocacy program

Why you should consider an employee brand advocacy program

Compelling industry statistics validating the trends and power of employee brand advocates

Key performance indicators influenced by employee brand advocate programs

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Are you building a social media community built upon trust, meaningful relationships and value? Or are you building a self serving empire? 

Many marketing and brand leaders struggle with success in building community. They spend hours a day posting updates, engaging with community members and measuring results or lack of there of.  However, when you do the "double click" to see how exactly they are building this so called "community," it's easy to see they are really all about themselves. There is no real sense of community and in reality they are simply bringing people together so they can promote themselves and their business. 

Real communities are built upon trust, open communication, sharing, relevancy, context and meaning. They help nurture relationships and the members within the community help one another often times in both business and life. 

If you are frustrated and not seeing business or life results utilizing social media to build community it may very well be time for you do an assessment on your strategies for building community and nurturing relationships. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media marketing, branding and conversion optimization agency explains the difference between a real community built on trust and value vs a self serving empire. Pam helps you with a series of questions to help you identify if your behavior is attracting people to come closer to your brand or if your social media strategies and tactics are pushing them away.


Episode Highlights

How to identify the difference between a community and self serving empire

How to determine if your social community building efforts may be coming across as self serving to your audience

Providing value for community members

Enabling people to be part of something bigger than they can be by themselves

How to ensure you bring people closer to your brand vs pushing them away 

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