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The SuperBowl is right around the corner and presents tremendous opportunity for brands to jump into the spotlight. Of course, the big brands are spending millions of dollars to get their short lived moments of fame with the hope of making a lasting impression, earning loyal brand evangelists and inspiring people to talk about them, share their message and become a viral hit sensation. NBC is seeking $4.4 million to $4.5 million per second!

The good news is that you don't have to be a huge brand to tap into the energy of the SuperBowl to power up your brand!

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 tips to make a touch down with your marketing this upcoming SuperBowl weekend!

Episode Highlights

  • 10 SuperBowl marketing tips for brands big and small 
  • How to tap into the energy of the SuperBowl even if you are a small brand
  • Why you can't use the SuperBowl logo on your marketing materials
  • How to associate your brand with the SuperBowl without using the trademark
  • How to tap into the power of visual marketing
  • How to engage your employees to humanize your brand
  • How to leverage hashtags to tap into the power of the OPC (other people's community and content) to grow your own brand awareness and community)
  • Why you must get local and not just focus on national conversations
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There is only one way to do social media, create content, setup a blog, measure results and build your business. The only way is what works for you, your customers, your audience, your community and your business!


One of the worst traps many business leaders and marketers fall in when diving into digital and online marketing is following the advice of others when they shouldn't be.


It's easy to find a blog post with a step by step guide for how to blog, build community, establish thought leadership and close more business. The harder part is figuring out what are the RIGHT steps for you to achieve real results in your business.


In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder of Marketing Nutz, answers two of the top questions she receives in regard to social media and blogging.




Episode Highlights


Why I don't over focus on blog comments as a top metric for success

Why I don't hang out on Google Plus 24/7, 365 days a year

How I stay focused on top priorities

Importance of building your own plan that supports your goals and objectives

Why you must know where your audience is hanging out online

Why you must know what your audience needs from you

WHY is the number one question you must answer

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Are you tapping into the power of visual content marketing to tell your brand story? Visual marketing empowers brands and the people within them to share their business and personal stories and lives real-time. No longer is it required to have a full time, dedicated design team on staff to serve up a good healthy dose of visual content marketing for your audiences and clients to devour!

Now even small marketing teams can easily take photos with an iPhone or other smart phone, mobile device and use them to engage their audiences via the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs within seconds.

Visual marketing enable you to show your products without telling people about them. Viewers can then easily make their own decisions without feeling "sold" or pressured from you and your business. Let the visuals tell your story and help you close the sale!

Did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text?

46.1% of people say a website's design is the number one criteria to determine the credibility of the company.

Visual marketing can often help you inspire, connect and engage with your audience more quickly and better than what a simple text message can do.

Check out this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for a succinct definition and summary of how you can use visual content marketing in your business or to build your personal brand. Included are loads of statistics just in case you still or sold or have a colleague or executive than needs to hear the data before investing.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO and founder Marketing Nutz, a full service social media, digital marketing and branding agency puts visual marketing in a nutshell for you with a goal of inspiring you to begin including visual marketing into your marketing strategies and tactics to drive improved results. If you are already using visual marketing but not seeing results, hopefully the podcast will inspire you to take it to the next level.

Visual marketing is the discipline studying the relationship between an object, the context it is placed in and its relevant image. Representing a disciplinary link between economy, visual perception laws and cognitive psychology, the subject mainly applies to businesses such as fashion and design.


Episode Highlights

Definition of visual marketing

Why visual marketing?

Benefits of using visuals to tell stories

How visual marketing can help you close business

Why it's becoming easier for marketing teams to use visual marketing without a dedicated design team

Loads of statistics on the power of visual marketing to inspire, connect with and engage audiences

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Many franchise organizations shy away from implementing social media, new media and the latest digital and web technologies due to fear and lack of ability to roll out such big marketing and media changes to their franchisees from the corporate organization.

Often time the franchisor fears that adopting social media and new technologies will put the brand at risk. They are afraid of brand inconsistency, negative interaction with audiences and the list goes on.

The truth is that regardless if a franchisor, franchisee or brand of any type or size decides to engage on the social web, there is a conversation happening in their honor already. The question is do they want to be a proactive part of the conversation.

My agency, Marketing Nutz has worked with numerous franchise organizations. We help them not only implement social media, adopt new technologies but also setup an infrastructure that empowers the franchisees while also ensuring brand consistency, streamlined communication and ensuring the corporate organization and franchisor is consistently providing value and partnering with franchisee teams.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO and Founder of Marketing Nutz, a full service experiential branding, digital marketing and social media agency shares 10 tips to help the franchisor setup an infrastructure and culture that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and successful adoption of social media and the latest digital technologies and methodologies. These tips are also helpful and applicable for any brand and organization setup in a distributed model with teams in different locations and geographies.

Be sure to download our brand new Franchisor Social Media Zoom Kit loaded with resources to help both franchisors and franchisees zoom business results with social media!

Episode Highlights

  • 15 tips for franchisors to successfully implement social media at the corporate and franchisee level.
  • The importance of having a servant heart vs only focusing on control.
  • Why franchisors must stay knowledgeable on the latest media and technology to empower franchisees to succeed.
  • How to setup a social media policy that empowers vs simply controls.
  • Why social media policies are required, not optional.
  • How to provide value to franchisees in the form of social media templates, training and more.
  • How to more quickly roll out new media to franchisees by learning and rolling it out at the same time.
  • Why franchisors must quit overwhelming their franchisees with too much marketing information. Less is truly more.
  • Embracing imperfect perfection
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When it comes to digital marketing and social media too many people throw spaghetti technology at the internet walls and then wonder why nothing sticks, why they have zero revenue and are working 24 hours a day.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. Wishing you had more time to do what you need to do is not a strategy for success in life or business. Finding a path that enables you to live the life you dream and get your business on the path to massive success doesn't happen over night. You are going to need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

The truth is you need to slow down to speed up. You need to quit chasing shiny objects. You need to build yourself an integrated platform that works when you are not working. Leveraging your knowledge and reducing time spent to do such is the key to success.

Building a platform that works when you are not working enables you to quit trading time for money.

To do such you must set goals, architect it for integration vs silos, integrate the right technologies that support your business goals and more.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz shares 15 Tips to build an integrated online marketing platform that works when you are not working!

Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunesStitcher or SoundCloud!


Episode Highlights

  • 15 Tips to build an online digital and social marketing platform that works when you aren't working
  • Why you must build an integrated platform where all pieces are working together vs stand alone silos disconnected from each other
  • How to increase ROI, improve efficiencies and grow your business with a platform that works for you
  • Defining the vision of your life and business before you implement any technology
  • Aligning business goals and objectives to the development of your digital platform
  • Why you must properly architect the platform before implementing
  • Creating content that connects with your audience
  • Selecting the right components such as email marketing, social sharing widgets and more
  • Don't forget the easy functions easily over looked such as contact forms, sharing buttons
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Social media has given consumers, viewers, partners and stakeholders a new platform to speak their mind. Brands can no longer hide behind the brick walls of buildings, public relationship companies or administrative assistants screening calls.

There is likely a conversation happening in the honor of you and your brand right now, regardless if you have chosen to be part of the conversation.

What should a brand do when crisis hits? What should they do when the Twitter and Facebook storm gets out of control and tweets are flying left and right with angry TV viewers, customers, partners and friends? Should they ignore the tweets? Should they close their eyes to the Facebook comment stream with hundreds or thousands of comments complaining and sharing their negative opinions of the brand?

Is ignoring customers and online community members on social media even an option? Take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for a case study in how CBS and the Under Cover Boss TV show has chosen to ignore even their loyal viewers online. A social firestorm happened after an episode that CBS aired of a CEO of a Bikini Sports Bar and Grill fired one bartender but gave a different waitress a breast enlargement after six more months of work. Yes, this is not a fake reality show. This is real life and how a CEO is treating his employees. Viewers of the show were fired up and shared their thoughts via social media. To date (two weeks after show aired) CBS has still not replied to the Twitter stream. You view a recap from Huffington Post here -> Undercover Boss CEO Fires Employee for Not Wearing a Bikini, Offers Another a Boob Job

In this podcast episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, a full service social media, content marketing, digital marketing and branding agency shares with you a quick recap of the CBS Under Cover Boss scenario and why brands should never fall to "ignoring their audience and community" as a strategy for success. Unfortunately, it's quite obvious CBS has chosen to use their Twitter stream and hashtags for specific shows as a one way push communication versus truly investing in relationships and engaging with their audience.

Podcast Episode Highlights

Recap of a terrible episode of CBS UnderCover Boss and how CBS has ignored the Twitter storm

Why ignoring your audience is never a strategy

Why hashtags should not be used to only promote your brand

Why brands must be ready to use the mediums and tactics implemented such as hashtags to respond and engage even when conversations get negative

Importance of developing and implementing a social media crisis preparedness plan

Being proactive and ready to manage a social media crisis should it hit your brand and community

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At the foundation of social media is people. Social media is about people communicating, sharing, engaging, laughing, crying, and living life together online. It's about relationships, meeting new people, finding old friends, and fostering relationships that help you zoom your business and life.

Understanding how to nurture relationships, and most importantly bring people together so they can be part of something bigger than themselves is where the real power of social media comes in!

Many organizations will assign a team member to be the "social media community manager" assuming this person can take charge on everything having to do with social media. Usually this happens because the business and marketing leaders making such a decision don't really understand the difference between social media and social business.

Assigning an intern or entry level person to run a social media or social business program is a potential recipe for disaster for the business as well as a career demolition derby for the social community manager assigned. Knowing how to tweet is far different than defining strategy, tactics, building and launching an integrated social media program that will help the business achieve business and marketing goals.

Many social community managers jump into social media work expecting it to be glamorous! We've even seen this with our agency, Marketing Nutz. What many social media professionals find surprising is the amount of detailed work, knowledge, data, analysis, team leadership and business acumen is required to be successful in the world of social business. Social media requires much more than knowledge of how to send a tweet or post to Facebook.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding, content marketing agency shares 12 strategies and tips to help social media community managers be successful. This is the first in a series of conversations that will be diving deep into strategies and tactics to help marketing and business professionals be successful in integrating social media into the DNA of their business to achieve results. Take a listen and be sure to subscribe to the entire series on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud!


Episode Highlights

12 strategies and tips to help social media community managers be successful in any sized organization, big or small

Why social media community managers must realize their are not a team of one. Teamwork is the awesome sauce for success.

The importance of learning the business quickly

Taking pride in even the small tasks.

Learning the language of your customers

Being proactive vs waiting to be told what to do

The power of relationships with internal and external team members, including agencies

Setting yourself up to succeed in a career of business and marketing

Why you must let go of the ego at the door

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As more and more brands jump on the social networks there is no shortage of tweets to read, podcasts to listen to, blog posts to learn from, videos to watch or people to talk to!

What's even worse is as the competition for eyeballs, ears and hearts is increasing across the social web, even the biggest and most popular social networks such as Facebook are moving even further into a pay to pay model. The days of free organic reach with little investment in content and community are quickly coming to a close. Not that this ever really worked or was a strategy for smart brands.

Did you know that on average 98% of the people who “like” a business Facebook page will never visit the actual page again? They may only see it in their newsfeed “if” the brand is lucky and Facebook’s algorithm determines it is worthy of a view in the newsfeed of their fans.

What are you doing to adapt and be ready for the new social web?

The number one question you should be answering is WHY! Why should your audience and online social community care that your brand exists?

We consult with business owners and brand of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and startups to Fortune 100 brands. One of the first things we ask when conducting a social media audit or developing a social business strategy or marketing plan is WHY. It’s amazing how many brands can’t answer this simple question.

Why should anyone care that you have a Facebook business page? Why should they check out your tweets? Why should they read your blog? Why should they click on any of the call to actions you offer on any of your social network profiles? Why should they trust you with their email address? Why should anyone follow you on Twitter? Be your friend on Facebook? Check out your photos on Instagram?

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz a full service social media, digital marketing, branding, content marketing, web development agency discuss why every brand on the planet must make it a priority to answer the question WHY. It's a short 15 minute podcast designed to help you get your butt in gear and start zooming your business to turbo speed in 2015! 

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When is the last time you met a perfect person? Do you have a perfect friend? How about a perfect client?  How about a perfect product? Do you know of a perfect brand?

The truth is you can never be perfect. Humans are not perfect. Each one of us makes mistakes. We each have a unique wackiness about us. It's our quirks, scratches and bumps that make us human and that help us connect with one another in simple, meaningful and memorable ways.

Brand can never be perfect because they are made up of human beings, which are not perfect.

Many business and marketing leaders avoid embracing social technologies and methodologies because of their desire to be perfect. They fear making a mistake and looking like a fool in front of the social universe online. When they do make a mistake some of these same brands run and hide instead of owning the fact they made a mistake and showing their human, imperfect side.

Your customers, audience and online community will appreciate the fact you are human and aren't afraid to show it! They will be happy to see you own mistakes. How you handle these mistakes can help your brand shine and nurture relationships if done right.

It is time that marketing and business leaders embrace imperfect perfection. Embrace what makes your brand human. Let your brand shine from the inside out. Your brand is going to be exposed from the inside out before it is transformed. Waiting to embrace the latest social technologies until you, your brand and your team is perfect is going to do nothing but waste time.

Social media is about relationships and connecting one to one with other human beings. It's both art and science. It's imperative brand and marketing leaders learn now how to embrace the human factor and quit expecting their teams to be perfect or to develop and launch a perfect social media program.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, branding, content marketing agency discusss why you must humanize your brand in a way that enables relationships to be built with the people within your business. She also share case studies of two brands (Brighthouse and HostGator) who boldly embrace imperfect perfection and have earned the loyalty of our agency, Marketing Nutz, time and time again.

Podcast Episode Highlights

Why brands must embrace imperfect perfection

Two case studies of brands being human and owning their mistakes (Broighthouse and HostGator)

Why business leaders must quit expecting employees to be perfect

Importance of brand humanization

How social media will reveal your organization from the inside out before it transforms it

Why you must own your mistakes and how to do such to increase brand equity and nurture relationships

Invest in your employees and loyal brand advocates

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Do you ever feel like you want to jump in the fast lane of business and life but something is holding you back? Does it feel like you are stuck in the slow lane doing the doggy paddle?

Many business leaders and marketers deep down inside are afraid of success. Because of fear they often stick to status quo as they are more comfortable there. They are afraid to put themselves out there so stick with a nice, slower pace of "doggy paddle."

Unfortunately the doggy paddle is not going to help you zoom turbo in business or life. Although it may be comfortable, it's unlikely you'll be able to sustain anything at such a slow pace for much longer than the short time. The chances are high you will burn out, run out of money or simply fail.

There is no better time to kick the doggy paddle to the curb than the launch of a new year. As we kickoff 2015, I am challenging you right here and now to jump in the fast lane. I want you to kick the social media doggy paddle to the curb. It's time to leave the amateaur stroke to the lil' puppies. It's time for you to start zooming turbo with those who are going places. It's time for you to work, live and play with the big dogs!

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO and Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social media, content marketing, branding, digital marketing and social business consulting agency shares 10 tips and strategies to help you leave the doggy paddle in the dust. I share why it's important you set goals, prioritize, stop worrying about competition as well as embrace new technology to drive efficiencies and deliver value to your audiences on a consistent basis.

Also, be sure to download our brand new SWOT analysis worksheet. It will help you map out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so you can properly assess your business, market, skills and build a plan to zoom turbo in 2015!

Episode Highlights

  • Why you must kick your doggy paddle to the curb if you want real results using social media for business
  • Why you need to stop peeping over the fence at competitors constantly
  • How to stop worrying about FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • How to become more confident and jump to the fast lane even before you think you're ready
  • The importance of mindset to achieve your goals and objectives
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