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The days of slamming out content that looks, smells and feels like what everyone else is writing are over and done. I recently saw a video and blog post from a leader in our industry offering tips to come up with ideas for content blog writing. The worst part is that the only idea this person offered was to leverage content from other people. They instructed bloggers to "borrow" ideas and themes from other leading bloggers and influencers in your industry. They went so far as instructing them how to leverage RSS feeds, do social listening and more to get ideas for new blog content.

While this strategy may work for some, it is going to be short lived. It's also not surprising this recommended strategy came from someone who has been known across the industry to borrow and even steal content from others.

The truth is that there is not a shortage of good or even epic content on the web today. The goal is not to create masses of content that looks, reads and sounds like everyone else. The goal should not be to copy ideas and themes from others so that you have masses of quantity.

What happened to providing value to your readers, listeners and views by...

  • being unique?
  • being relevant?
  • solving problems?
  • providing solutions?

For new businesses hopping onto the social and digital web, taking the advice of following status quo copycat content is going to do absolutely nothing to set you apart from your competition!

So, how do you create content that...

  • inspires?
  • educates?
  • empowers?
  • connects emotionally with your target audience?
  • differentiates you from your competition?
  • helps you rise above status quo?
  • enables you to stand out from the noise of yesterday?

Your goal is not to build a blog, website or business that is status quo, right? You want amazing customer experiences. You want customer relationships that are real, authentic, relevant and unique. You want a business that is built on what it is you have to offer that is unique.

Your blog should be a living, breathing representation of who you are, and what you have to offer. Your blog should not be a copycat version of the rest of the blogosphere.

When you write amazing and epic blog content, people will remember it. They will share it. They will write about it. They will link to it. When they share, click, like and link your friend Google will also fall in love with you and your blog. Traditional SEO is changing. What your customer thinks of your brand and content will show in the actions they take to share and engage with your content, or not.

If you want to establish thought leadership, trust and authority in your industry and niche, then build the brand of you, not the copycat version of someone else!

Take a listen to episode 225 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast for 10 tips to create epic blog posts that will keep your readers coming back for more. This episode is filled with strategies and tips you can implement immediately to start differentiating from your competition, increase brand awareness, generate more leads and even impact your bottom line!

Take a listen to episode 225 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to learn the following:

  • 10 tips and strategies to create epic blog posts for business
  • Importance of blog post format, planning and goal setting
  • How to identify 3 problems you can help your audience solve and create content to solve those problems
  • Writing blog headlines that draw people in authentically and organically
  • How to leverage your blog to tell compelling brand stories that connect with your audience emotionally
  • Informing your readers early on in the content of what they are getting and ensuring the expectations are set properly and honestly
  • Using visual images to grab attention and connect with your readers
  • Backing up what you write about with facts, case studies and examples
  • Including the YOU factor in your content to differentate from competition and stand out from the crowd
  • Why you must share your best content and not hold back the good stuff!
  • Importance of making content actionable!


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