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Reality Check: The LAST thing your audience needs from you is more content.

Use my content calendar template:

When it comes to content marketing, less is truly more. Though you may hear some of the loud voices in our space screaming at you to be everywhere ALL THE TIME... trust me... do NOT listen to them.

You need to be where your audience is. And you need to be delivering your audience what they need and want from you. The last thing your audience and dream customers are thinking when they wake up in the morning is... "hey, I sure do hope to see MORE content from brands trying to sell to me today."

In reality, they are looking for human connection. They want to solve the problems that keep them up at night. They want to know that you and your brand actually care about them as humans and as helping them in business (if that is what your business does.) They are wanting to be inspired, empowered and made to feel better than they did before they read your blog post, opened your email, listened to your podcast, watched your Instagram story or an entire video on Youtube.

The truth is if your content is not delivering value, your audience doesn't care about it. The days of throwing social content spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks are over and done.

It is critical every status update you post, every blog post you write, visual you create and video you publish is providing value to your audience. It needs to connect with them in a human way that makes them think... "hey, I want to know more about that person and/or company!" This will separate you from the status quo of spammy noise.

You Need a Content Calendar to Streamline Your Content for Big Results

One of the best ways to start planning your content and escape from the "post all the content spaghetti things all the time on all the social networks everywhere" is to develop a content calendar.

A content calendar helps you streamline your efforts and achieve a higher return on investment of every piece of content you create and publish.

And lucky for you...I have a proven 2020 Content Calendar Template you can download for free here.  I have been publishing the calendar template for 10 years.

Join 30,000 of your peers and download it now. It is proven to work for entrepreneurs, startups to Fortune 10 brands. It is the exact same template we use with our clients ranging from small business, franchise, up to enterprise companies.

Still not sold on why you need to use a content calendar for your marketing?

Take a listen to this episode to learn the 15 top ways that a content calendar will benefit your business immediately! 

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8 strategies to maximize investment in professional speakers and trainers for live events, conferences and workshops. 

Learn more and get professional help with your live events and conferences:

Hire Pam Moore as a speaker or trainer at your event 


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Is your CEO giving you the blank stare when you present your digital and social media marketing, or content marketing plan for approval?  Here are the top 3 fears your executive leadership has when it comes to embracing digital and social marketing technologies, new media and the latest methods and best practices for online marketing. 

Understanding what they they are thinking and why they are not giving you the support you expect is critical to your success. It is far more than digital marketing and media budgets at stake. Their fears run much deeper and at the same time are quite simple if you look at them objectively. 

Take a listen to these top 3 fears business leaders have when it comes to integrating digital marketing technologies, methodologies and new media into their business. 

Let us help you facilitate the needed conversations to get the buy-in you need from your organization leaders. We can conduct a quick digital and social branding audit and get you on the right track to success.

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Today we are talking about another exiting topic... events. Who doesn’t love an amazing industry event where you get massive value, make new friends, and connections that help grow your business and of course have fun. 
A good event is all about the experience which is driven by the founders and organizers. They can either make or break and event. Having a heart to serve with a number one goal of making the event the highest value possible for attendees is the turbo behind the most successful events I have seen. 
Today I have two amazing guests who are going to share with you some of the exact strategies they have leveraged to build and grow the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (aka MDMC) into the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest. 
I spoke at the event in 2018 and will be the emcee hosting the event this year as well as delivering a 2.5 hour personal branding workshop and facilitating a personal branding panel. 
What started as a tiny seed of an idea for an event was recently rated a top marketing conference to check out in 2019 by Forbes. If you know me, you know how much I love seeing seeds planted by amazing people and watching them grow and bloom! 
In 2018 MDMC had 2000 marketers in attendance and 2019 is looking even more exciting. MDMC will have more than 100 speakers including Google, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, Johnson & Johnson, Adobe, Purina nd more. Attendees get to choose from more than 70 sessions across 9 tracks including data, digital, social media, creative, commerce, innovation, academic, tech and entrepreneurship. 
Marketers can also take a deep dive into 8 intensive workshops of which one I am teaching on personal branding. 
Tickets are affordable so that everyone can attend, and bring their entire marketing team so they can maximize the value.  
MDMC is a nonprofit event and all proceeds go to MDMC Marketing Scholarship Fund, an UMSL Undergraduate Marketing Scholarship made possible by the MDMC
Let me welcome my 2 guests, Perry Drake, MDMC Founder and Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Marketing and Sales Leadership Institute of the University of Missouri of St Louis. 
Second we have Brainna, Smith, Director of Digital Marketing at TeraRecon, Exec Director of MDMC and Adjunct Professor of Social Media Strategies and advanced Facebook Advertising at the University of Missouri St Louis

Grab Your Ticket! 
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How franchisors and franchisees can leverage social media and digital marketing to amplify their brand, build authority and grow revenue.

This episode is focused on providing franchisors strategies and tips to leverage social media and digital marketing to build trust, increase brand awareness, sell more franchises and generate revenue. 

It is critical that franchisors help guide and prioritize areas of focus for their franchisees as it relates to digital and social media. This will not only improve ROI but also reduce and help mitigate risk of a non-consistent brand. 

These tips are also helpful for franchisees and provide guidance as to what they should be requesting from their franchisor organizations including what details they should be looking for in a franchise disclosure document (FDD) and more. 

Marketing Nutz - Digital and Social Media Marketing and Branding Training and Consulting Agency


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Facebook marketing for small business strategies. Reduce the overwhelm and increase business results with these local marketing strategies that you can implement immediately! 

Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz shares proven strategies to help you maximize your investment in Facebook local marketing. 

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How do you stay relevant in a digital and social media world that is not always pushing play? Pam Moore, Co-Founder of Marketing Nutz shares strategies and tips for you to stay relevant and connected to your dream customer and online community. These strategies and tips are timeless and will help you grab the attention, trust and loyalty of your community, audience and customers for both the short and long term. These strategies have been proven with thousands of students and hundreds of Marketing Nutz clients. 


Download 2019 Content Calendar Template: 

Digital & Social Media Strategy Secrets Training Course Bundle 70% Off for limited time!


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