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Reality Check: The LAST thing your audience needs from you is more content.

Use my content calendar template:

When it comes to content marketing, less is truly more. Though you may hear some of the loud voices in our space screaming at you to be everywhere ALL THE TIME... trust me... do NOT listen to them.

You need to be where your audience is. And you need to be delivering your audience what they need and want from you. The last thing your audience and dream customers are thinking when they wake up in the morning is... "hey, I sure do hope to see MORE content from brands trying to sell to me today."

In reality, they are looking for human connection. They want to solve the problems that keep them up at night. They want to know that you and your brand actually care about them as humans and as helping them in business (if that is what your business does.) They are wanting to be inspired, empowered and made to feel better than they did before they read your blog post, opened your email, listened to your podcast, watched your Instagram story or an entire video on Youtube.

The truth is if your content is not delivering value, your audience doesn't care about it. The days of throwing social content spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks are over and done.

It is critical every status update you post, every blog post you write, visual you create and video you publish is providing value to your audience. It needs to connect with them in a human way that makes them think... "hey, I want to know more about that person and/or company!" This will separate you from the status quo of spammy noise.

You Need a Content Calendar to Streamline Your Content for Big Results

One of the best ways to start planning your content and escape from the "post all the content spaghetti things all the time on all the social networks everywhere" is to develop a content calendar.

A content calendar helps you streamline your efforts and achieve a higher return on investment of every piece of content you create and publish.

And lucky for you...I have a proven 2020 Content Calendar Template you can download for free here.  I have been publishing the calendar template for 10 years.

Join 30,000 of your peers and download it now. It is proven to work for entrepreneurs, startups to Fortune 10 brands. It is the exact same template we use with our clients ranging from small business, franchise, up to enterprise companies.

Still not sold on why you need to use a content calendar for your marketing?

Take a listen to this episode to learn the 15 top ways that a content calendar will benefit your business immediately! 

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