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Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz shares with you the top 20 questions you MUST answer before starting your content marketing strategy. Answering these questions will help you leverage your content to convert more customers.

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How do you market your business and connect with your audience in authentic ways during a global crisis? Learn why you need emotional currency, trust and connection. 

Take a listen to this episode with Pam Moore, Founder of Marketing Nutz to learn the top strategies and tactics that are working today. She'll also share with you what is NOT working and how to stomp fear and deliver your audience real value! 

Learn how to create a drumbeat of authentic content that consistently connects you with your target audience in meaningful ways. 

Learn how to market your business in the new normal. 

What role do you want to play? How can you be a foundational powerful center of hope, love and success both online and offline today? 

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Buyer Persona Worksheet to clearly define your top target customers

10-Point Checklist for Irresistible Content 

10 Things You Must Know About Your Audience 

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Learn the 10-Point Checklist for Irresistible Content that converts to more customers! 

FREE eBook 10-Point Checklist for Irresistible Content (beautiful 29 page guide) 

Buyer Persona Worksheet 

5-Day Buyer Persona Bootcamp 

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In this episode Pam Moore, Founder of Marketing Nutz shares 6 ways you can give your brand personality.

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Brand Persona Worksheets:

5-Day Buyer Persona Bootcamp: 

What is a brand personality? It is a set of human characteristics attributed to your brand that make it more human.

6 Ways to Give your brand personality.

What is brand personality?
7 traits of a successful brand personality
Brand personality vs brand identity - how to know the difference
Proven strategies you can start implementing immediately!

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