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If you are struggling getting your boss, board of directors or other key stakeholders with your social media, digital marketing or content plan, you must listen to this episode.

Learn the top 3 reasons your boss is not approving budget and not getting on board with your plan. 

Free Guide: How to Get Your Social Media and Digital Marketing Plan and Budget Approved

Buyer Persona Worksheet Pack for B2b and B2C 

Content Calendar Template

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Facebook ads that convert require more than learning the technical specifics of the Facebook Advertising platform. 

Learn the 5 Things You Must do Before starting even one Facebook ad! These are critical must to do steps for social media ads that convert to business. 

FREE Buyer Persona Worksheet 

FREE Content Calendar Template 

5- Day Buyer Persona Bootcamp (virtual training) 

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Learn the 5 shifts marketers must make during time of crisis. 

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FREE eBook: How to Get Your Budget Approved

5 Day Buyer Persona Bootcamp

FREE Buyer Persona Worksheets 

FREE Content Calendar Template 


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Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz a digital, social and branding training and consulting agency shares proven strategies to grow your business and ignite your brand awareness, leads and sales with LinkedIn. Pam has been an active user on LinkedIn since the platform was in beta. She has more than 350,000 followers and 14,000 connections. She has been nurturing relationships on the platform for for almost 20 years. 

Download Buyer Persona Template

Download Personal Branding Worksheet 

Download Audience Priority Worksheet 

Download Content Calendar Template 

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