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Many marketing and business leaders spend months developing an integrated online platform, brand architectures, message platforms, social media strategies and plans, logos, and more. They launch their business or new product with huge dreams to seriously rock the online world.

However, after a few months goes by, they realize their platform is delivering little if any results. Their audience is not engaging, clicking, or buying. Instead of an engaging platform it look like a deserted island.

So what is the problem? It could very well be they have a problem establishing trust. Does their audience trust them? If no, why not?

Do you lack the trust factor? Establishing trust and authority are critical to achieve business results online.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast  Pam Moore, CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz, full service social media, digital marketing, branding agency discusses why it is critical to turn up the volume on your social trust factor. I share 10 tips to help you establish trust, nurture relationships and grow your business the right way.


Episode Highlights

10 Tips establish trust and social business credibility

How to establish authority

Importance of authoring content

Importance of social proof

Connecting with your audience via content and conversation

How to build an integrated online platform that nurtures relationships and invites conversation

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Do you wish you could get your CEO on Twitter? Want to get your c-suite,  stakeholders and team members to jump on the social networks?

Pam Moore, CEO & Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social media, branding, digital marketing agency shares how to hand the challenge of getting your executives on twitter and other social networks. It is critical to set goals, objectives and get buy-in on your plan, versus only selling your CEO on social network platform. 

Topics covered include how to get buy-in on your social business and social media plan, not just Twitter, how to develop an online Twitter brand persona, how to humanize your brand and help your executives humanize their brands, and how to bridge the social divide between the social, generation s and the unsocial. 

Pam Moore is recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer, best selling author, speaker, trainer and consultant. She works with clients and organizations from startups to Fortune 100 corporations helping them integrate social media into the DNA of their business to drive desired business results and outcomes. 

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We wake up in the morning, one eye open and grab our mobile device. How do I know you do such? Because 90% of people have their mobile device within arms reach 100% of the time.

Even though you may not want to admit it, chances are you have at minimum a slight addiction problem to technology,shiny objects, Twitter birds and social networks of any and all flavors. If you don't, congratulations! Chances are you are in the minority if you are reading this blog post and listening to this podcast!

We subscribe to podcasts on iTunes, blog posts via RSS feeds and email updates. We open up our email programs via mobile devices in bed. We then hop to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to see what's happening in our world of change.

We are starving for information, news, resources to help us learn, grow, achieve and be more.

At the core the biggest question is what exactly are we addicted to? Is it the technology, access to information or fear of missing out? Maybe it's the connection with human beings? Or maybe all of the above and more?

The  only guarantee in life and business is change 

There is hardly a day that goes by that we don't wake up trying to catch up from what changed overnight. Just as soon as you think you figure out the latest Facebook algorithm, it changes on you.

Many business and marketing leaders worry, freak out and even throw temper tantrums when they find out the landscape underneath their feet has changed yet again. Why do they go into freak out mode? Because they have put all of their social eggs in a basket they don't own!

Relationships are the life raft to social media, technology and business change. 

Putting all of your social, technology and / or  business eggs in a social network basket you don’t own is high risk.

The truth is that instead of worrying so much about the technology, bits and bytes we should be focused on relationships. It is relationships that are going to help you weather the storm. It's relationships built on trust that will carry you and your community to the next big thing. Instead of worrying about the newest shiny object and the next big thing, try focusing on today. Try focusing on delivering the highest value possible to each and every human being within your current community.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing agency discusses why you why you must shift focus to the art as much or more than the science of social media.

I share with you 10 tips to determine if your social life raft is ready to help you weather the technology evolution storm. Are you ready for the sea of change? Can your relationships endure the crashing waves of change?


Episode Highlights

  • 10 Tips to determine if your social life raft can weather the storm of technology changes
  • Why relationships are the foundation of technology evolution
  • Why you must quit building an empire and start building a community of value
  • Why you must stop putting all of your eggs in a social network basket you don't own
  • The importance of owning your own social home base
  • The importance of investing in human beings within your community at a personal level
  • How to humanize your brand for short and long term benefits
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How do you leverage social media to build, nurture, grow and sustain meaningful, connected and powerful communities?

It takes time, patience and an investment in people as human beings, not just dollars. It requires as much art as it does science.

Just as building relationships with human beings one to one takes time, nurturing communities to earn the support and develop loyal tribes of brand evangelists takes even more time.

Many marketing and business leaders wrongly assume they can simply hop on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and have an instant community waiting on the edge of their seat to engage, contribute and become loyal brand evangelists. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We all know the foundation of technology, infrastructure and even the way we communication is changing underneath our feet almost by the minute. The only guarantee we have for tomorrow is change. Just as becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination, communities are much the same.

Building communities requires trust, investment in time, resource and development and dissemination of content that inspires and connects humans in meaningful ways.

Pam Moore, CEO & Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media, branding, digital marketing and conversion optimization agency shares details for how to build, grow and sustain communities. 


Episode Highlights

-10 Tips to build, grow and sustain communities

-Social hierarchy of needs and how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be used as a model

-How to tap into the power of the OPC (other people’s content and community)

-Why humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option

-The importance of feeding and nurturing communities the best content and conversation possible

-What to do if you “get stuck” and believe your effort in building community online has hit a brick wall

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Social media brand humanization requires both art and science. It is important to understand the difference between authenticity and transparency to nurture relationships and earn trust of brand evangelists. 

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, full service social branding, digital marketing, conversion optimization agency and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer explains the difference between authenticity and transparency and why it is important that you focus on the right level of transparency to earn trust and build relationships with your audiences online. 


Episode highlights: 

-Difference between authenticity and transparency

-Building an authentic brand online

-Nurturing relationships

-How much is too much?

-The importance of authenticity and transparency in earning trust and nurturing relationships

-13 characteristics of human brands

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Marketing and business leaders are struggling with how to best leverage social media to increase brand awareness, grow revenue, establish thought leadership and more. They want to humanize their brand but are doing such via technology and networks that make them less human versus more.

What are they missing? They are missing the greatest opportunity right within the walls of their corporation. Employees can be your most loyal brand advocates if you simply take the time to invest in them. Building and successfully implementing a solid brand advocate program tapping into the power of your employees can humanize your brand and connect with your audiences in amazing ways. When you connect with your audience you can nurture relationships, which in turn increase loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenue!

Did you know that only 40% of employees know about their organizational goals and tactics? Yet on the flip side companies that engage their employees have 2.5x the revenue. Conversion rates can be 4 to 10 times higher for offers from trusted advocates.

Smart brands are already tapping into the human power of their employees to increase brand awareness and market reach, create and curate content, engage with target audiences, listen to conversations and even help recruit top talent!

Social media exposes your company from the inside out. It will reveal your company long before it will transform it. Inspire and ignite your employees to live your brand. Empower them be a shining light of your brand promise and deliver it to your audiences daily!


In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore, CEO & Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social media, digital marketing and branding agency digs into 15 ways you can empower your employees to power your brand!


Episode Highlights

*Why building a brand architecture and strategy is the first step

*Developing a business strategy and plan

*How to conduct a brand advocacy pilot

*Conducting an audit of employee social behavior

*Inspiring employees to live your brand promise

*Education and empowerment program

*Securing necessary funding

*Bridging the social digital divide with those not currently using social media


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Becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination. Integrating social media, new technologies and methodologies is as much about mindset as it is about the tools and technology.

The goal is not to "do social media" but instead to be socially relevant. From a business perspective a goal is to build and implement a social business program that is sustainable and can help nurture relationships for both the short and long term.

Obtaining buy-in from needed stakeholders is critical for success.  You must be able to clearly articulate where you are going and why so that you can  inspire key team members to join you on your journey.

You must know your audience and what they need from you and be able to serve them up valuable content, conversation and helpful resources daily.

Empower your employees to power your brand. Invest in them as human beings. Inspire them to live your brand promise and be a shining light of your brand for your customers and all who they come in contact with.

Marketers must quit focusing on quick fixes, cookie cutter solutions and ways to cheat the social system. Instead, effort should be put into planning, goal setting, alignment to business objectives, understanding audiences, building community, nurturing relationships and earning the advocacy of loyal brand supporters.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Marketing Nutz, social media, branding, digital marketing agency provides an 8 step approach to developing a social business strategy and plan. Perfect for enterpreneurs and startups to enterprise organizations. 


Episode Highlights

- 8 steps to develop a social business strategy and plan

-Securing necessary funding

-How to prepare for the social business journey

-Difference between social media and social business

-How to set goals and objectives where social media can have a positive impact

-Obtaining support from key stakeholders

-Earning trust of loyal brand evangelists

-The importance of governance and planning

-Why providing value to your audience is core foundation for success

-Mitigating and managing risk

-Creating a center of excellence

-Empowering internal teams to become loyal brand evangelists

-Tap into the power of the OPC (Other people's content and community)

-Developing an influencer program

-Importance of personal branding 


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Many brands avoid embracing social media and online marketing because of the fear associated with risk to the brand. They think that if they avoid social media all together that the risk can be avoided. This assumption couldn't be further from the truth.

There is no opt-out button associated with social media. Chances are high that for the majority of brands, there is already a conversation happening in their honor, regardless if the brand chooses to join the conversation and contribute in a meaningful and relevant way.

Social media is going to reveal the organization from the inside out long before it will transform the organization.

Avoiding the social networks is not going to mitigate the risk. In reality it may actually do the exact opposite and increase the risk.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO and Founder Marketing Nutz, full service socisl media, branding, digital marketing agency and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer digs into these details and offers specific recommendations for how you can mitigate risk associated with adopting, integrating and embracing the use of social media to achieve business results, empower brand evangelists and nurture relationships.


Episode highlights: 

*Why you must acknowledge you have risk.

*How to mitigate risk by planning ahead.

Why you must accept that social media is here to stay.

*Why you need to conduct a social media audit.

*Keeping your social network logon and access to the social networks secure.

*Proactive crisis management and policy development.

*Empowering employees to power your brand.


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For small business, startups, entrepreneurs, and even "corporatepreneurs" within larger organizations, knowing the right levers to pull to gain competitive advantage can make all the difference in winning or losing.

Small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs can leverage their agility, quick decision making, personal branding, niche marketing and more to knock the socks off their competition.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing agency and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer explains 10 levers small business can use to rock and win against the competition for amazing results! 


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In today's socially connected world and 1:1 constant communication 365 days of the year, human to human communication is at the core of business and life.

The heartbeat of social media is humans. The goal for businesses and the people within them is not to "do social" but to be social. Even "being social" is often not enough. We must be socially relevant.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social business, digital marketing, conversion optimization agency explains why the best way to be relevant is to connect as humans, to inspire and connect in a way that nurtures meaningful and authentic relationships that endure the technology and platform changes that are thrown at us constantly.

Brands must learn to empower evangelists both internal and external. They must inspire their employees to live their brand promise and be the story tellers who their audiences hear, like and trust.

Did you know that 71% of CEOs believe human capital is a key source of economic value according to a recent study from IBM?

In this episode of Social Zoom Factor podcast I dig into the why and how of building a personal brand. This is the first episode in a series we will be covering on this topic over the coming weeks and months.

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The only guarantee in social business is change. The landscape and ecosystem is changing with every step we take.

It's becoming harder and harder for even the smartest marketers and business leaders to find stable ground for which to build their business.

We must realize that change is the new constant. Accepting this fact and embracing the change with a positive mental and business mindset will make or separate the successful business from the failing. We must accept an increased level of risk and fail fast vs. avoiding risk and being left behind.

Marketers must be willing to let go of the old marketing ways and embrace new ways of doing business. It's time to embrace new technologies, processes, and ways to empower and train employees. We must break down the silos, earn the trust of loyal brand evangelists and realize it's not about us, but about what we can do for others.

We must take down the masks and let our human show. Brand humanization is a requirement, not an option if you want to be in business five years from now.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO Founder Marketing Nutz a full service social media, branding, digital marketing agency covers 12 Social business shifts marketers and business leaders must get right and absolutely can't ignore. 

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You launched a blog. You spent a ton of time on it. You may have built it yourself or paid some serious bucks to a designer or developer to build it for you.

You had big dreams. You had big plans. You envisioned a blog rockin' with amazing content, engagement, community and of course new business leads.

The only problem is that none of this happened. Bottom line, your blog sucks and you don't know what to do about it.

In this episode Pam Moore, CEO and Founder Marketing Nutz, social brand, digital marketing agency and Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer shares 10 reasons why your blog sucks and what you can do to fix it, pronto!

Episode highlights include Top 10 reasons your blog sucks. Why design matters. The importance of having a mobile responsive blog and website. Why your blog is not just about you. To use pop-ups or not to use pop-ups. Embracing imperfect perfection and much more! 

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Generate leads and nurture relationships with email marketing. Know your customer, and provide content to help them solve business problems and achieve goals. Pam Moore CEO Founder Marketing Nutz shares 10 best practices to help you achieve results, grow your email subscriber list and meet your business goals by integrating email marketing into your customer acquisition strategies and tactics and social media and online marketing efforts. 

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Content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords around. However, don't be fooled by the buzz. It's not just a trend nor is it something that is going away anytime soon.

Content marketing was not invented via social media and it's not going away even if Facebook or Google decide to close up shop and call it a day.

The days of creating corporate collateral that talks in gibberish nobody wants to read are done. Also gone are the days of throwing the content spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks and some desperate customer will come along with their bowl, scoop it up and find it tasty.

Marketing and business leaders who want to see real results utilizing content marketing must develop more than a few rockin' blog posts or a page filled with pretty visuals that have nothing to do with their brand but instead make them look like the look cat counselor and inspirational quote addict.

If you want results with your content marketing effort you must create a content management system inclusive of goals, objectives, editorial calendars, alignment to needs of audience and the list goes on.

In this episode Pam Moore explains how to get started building a content marketing system, set goals, understand the needs of your audience and much more.  This is the first episode of a series that will dig in deep to the power of content marketing inclusive of strategies, and tactics you can implement starting this week to take your content marketing and online business results to the next level.

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90% of mobile phone users keep their device within arms reach 100% of the time.

In this special "Sunday Weekend edition" of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, Pam Moore shares how her family has learned to unplug and live in the moment. We must take time to rejuvenate to reinvigorate our lives and business. 

Pam Moore is CEO and Founder, Marketing Nutz, social media, branding, digital marketing and conversion optimization agency. 

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Is brand humanization just a fancy word for marketers and bloggers who have run short of things to talk and write about?

Or is it more? Is it something that brands should take the time to understand?

The short answer is no, it's not just a fancy word used by lazy marketers. Brand humanization can help organizations of all sizes better connect with their audience, nurture valuable relationships and achieve their business goals. 

In this 5 minute Social Zoom Factor "Take 5" episode Pam Moore, CEO & Founder Marketing Nutz, social media, digital marketing & branding agency,  puts brand humanization in a nut shell and explains why humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option!

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Have you been spinning your wheels when it comes to social media, content marketing, digital marketing, branding and online marketing? Are you spending loads of time creating content, engaging with your community, posting to the social networks yet the return on your investment is not in sight?

Do you really know your audience? Do you know what they need and want from you? What keeps them up at night? What problems do they have that you can help solve?

Are you creating content that satisfies their needs and helps the human beings within your social media communities solve their problems?

Are you providing resources that delight them? Are you creating brand experiences that are lasting and that help them remember you far above your competition? Or are you serving up the same ol' stuff you have been for years?

In this episode Pam Moore explains why it is so important that you understand your audience and the human beings within your social media communities.

She shares in detail 10 things every business and marketing leader MUST know about their audience. It is a requirement, not an option to know your audience and deliver the highest value content and engaging experience every day.

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You can have the greatest social media marketing plan on the planet but if you don't have resource and budget to implement it's a wasted effort.

In this episode Pam Moore shares strategies, best practices and tactics for entrepreneurs, marketing and business leaders to obtain buy-in , support and budget allocation for their planned efforts integrating social media into the business. Pam is CEO and founder Marketing Nutz, a full service social media, digital marketing, branding, and conversion optimization agency .

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002: Stomp Random Acts of Marketing and Social Media
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Social Zoom Factor helps entrepreneurs, marketing and business leaders in startups to enterprise organizations integrate social media, powerful branding, and digital marketing to zoom results. In this episode Pam Moore explains why she started Social Zoom Factor, why and how she left a 15 year successful corporate career to become an entrepreneur and also 4 signs to identify Random Acts of Marketing! 

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