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Content marketing in 2018 is going to hit a new dimension of importance, organization and integration.

Smart and savvy marketers know the days of throwing social spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks are over and done.

It's not good enough to just create cool visuals, be on Facebook Live video daily and tweet a few links. The social web is getting noisier by the minute.

If you are ready to once and for all see a real return on your investment in social media and digital marketing you need to look deeper than the follows, clicks and retweets.

Download 2018 Content Calendar Template 

It's time to get 100% proactive to take the time to plan and ensure every piece of content is providing massive value for your audience and aligns clearly to your business goals and objectives.

A perfect way to begin adding more organization, prioritization and results for your content marketing is by utilizing a content marketing editorial calendar to plan your content.

Showing up on Facebook every morning thinking "hmmm...what should I post today?" is going to get you in nothing better than the "everyone ignores you pile," guaranteed.

This blog post and supporting Social Zoom Factor podcast episode #242 is packed with valuable information to help you get a grip on your content marketing so that you can achieve your business goals and provide your audience with maximum value without having to work 24/7, 365 days of the year. Quality over quantity is where success is going to come from in 2018.

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You are a social media manager at an organization and your boss, manager or ceo just hired a social media agency. What do you do now? How do you partner with the agency and ensure you secure your job and do not get fired! Don't worry. You got this. This episode will help you manage the entire process from research to kickoff to execution. If you are a social media marketing manager, content manager, digital marketer, audience marketing manager, brand manager or work in marketing role of any kind, this information will help you build a career by learning to partner with 3rd party resources!

Check out Social Profit Factor Training Academy for to up-level your social media, digital marketing and branding skills! 

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How to partner with your social media agency for the highest success and ROi possible.

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Are you ready to gain an unfair competitive advantage on Facebook? Would you like to stomp status quo and serve your customers quickly, personally and in a more human way by leveraging automation and a platform that more than 1.2 billion people are currently using?

If you answer yes to these questions then you need to understand the power of Facebook Messenger for business and how it can easily help you serve your customers, even while you sleep.

Did you know…

Number of Businesses on Facebook Messenger = 60 million Facebook Pages using Messenger – 20 million
2 billion messages sent between users and businesses on Facebook messenger monthly

17 billion photos sent through Messenger per month

25,000 GIFs per minute / 22 million daily via Messenger

1.5 billion games have been played on Messenger

2 billion reactions sent on Facebook Messenger to date 5 billion emojis sent daily on Messenger 11% of world’s population use Messenger monthly 30,000 chat bots in 200 countries on Messenger 64% Facebook monthly users use Messenger

50% US teens use Messenger daily

Download this Facebook Messenger 101: Get Started Guide for Business for some quick steps to help you setup and optimize the foundations Facebook Messenger on your business Page.

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Not enough time for social media? Here are 4 strategies and tips to help you save time and maximize every minute spent on social media, digital marketing and branding.


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Audience marketing is a requirement for business success on the social and digital web today. An audience first marketing strategy increases ROI, generates more leads, increases sales and helps brands better know their customers so they can serve them better. 

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Audience marketing is a requirement for business success on the social and digital web today. An audience first marketing strategy increases ROI, generates more leads, increases sales and helps brands better know their customers so they can serve them better.

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Do you need a personal brand as a working professional? Here are 5 reasons why you do and why personal branding is an absolute requirement for business today.

Learn more at

Do you need to worry about your personal brand as a working professional? Or is a personal brand only for those “online gurus” trying to get rich and famous?

The truth is this…

You have a brand regardless if you plan it or not.

Your brand is made of perceptions. You can sit in a room and create, ideate, and develop your brand for the next year to 10 years. You can create fancy messages, fancy graphics and amazing social profiles that rock the online web.

However, at the core of human attraction is the fact that people will either like you and your brand or they won't. They will decide within a matter of 8 seconds if they are going to stick around on your website, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page… or not.

Your brand is not simply the fancy graphics, words and colors you spent hours, days and weeks to create. Your brand is what others think and say about you. It's how you make them feel. It's how special you make them know they are to you, or not. It's how you smile at them, how you respond to their comments, tweets, posts on your Facebook page… or ignore them.

Your brand is made of perceptions more than it is made of your fancy lingo and graphics.

So let me ask you the question again… do you need a personal brand? Do you have a personal brand? Do you need to worry about your personal brand?

Find out the answer to these questions and more in the free webinar I am hosting on Thursday, September 28th at 2pm et!

Register for my free webinar “Personal Branding 101: Why, What and How to Ignite the YOU FACTOR in Business” 

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Register for Webinar: Irresistible Content Creation & Curation:

Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels in the content creation marketing engine feeling as if you are creating, creating, creating loads and mounds of content yet getting nowhere? ROI is not something you have seen in a long, long time? 

Have you ever thought that maybe you have lost your mojo? Maybe, just maybe you have been shot down one too many times? Maybe you are falling to some lazy content marketing tactics without even knowing it?

Or could be you are stuck in a bit of a rut? You know what they say about "insanity." Doing the same thing over and over and over, yet expecting a different result. Could this be you?

If this is you... have no fear. I am here to help you do a reality check and get a grip on your content marketing program starting right now. 

Take a listen to episode #234 of the Social Zoom Factor Podcast where I serve you a serious yet nice dose of TOUGH LOVE!

Find out if these 8 content marketing bad habits are stopping you from achieving more success creating and leveraging content!

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 8 Bad habits that stop content marketing ROI in it's tracks
  • How to get unstuck if you are guilty of these bad and lazy content marketing habits
  • Why you must slow down to speed up if you want success 
  • Why you can't skip the planning and goal setting
  • The risks of building your business on rented land such as Facebook and Instagram 
  • Why integration should be your favorite word when building your online platform 
  • Questions to help you understand if you know your audience and ideal customer as good as you should 
  • How to create content that will inspire and attract your ideal audience
  • Why you must get out of your own way to achieve real success 
  • The importance of call to actions being bold, loud and clear when creating content 
  • Why quality really matters in all facets of content creation and curation 
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Facebook advertising can be a challenge particularly for new marketers or those still figuring out the best strategies and tactics for ocial media marketing. Here are the top 7 reasons your Facebook ads are not converting. If you are having challenges converting your Facebook advertising investment to a positive return on investment, then this podcast is for you. 

You can also learn more inside of our Social Profit Factor Training System and Member Community - taking you from zero to turbo with social media, branding and digital marketing! Everything you need to develop your social media strategy, plan, set goals and master every top social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and more! Use the coupon code ZOOM for extra special savings. 

Facebook advertising is an incredible way to increase sales, brand awareness, build community and achieve your business goals.

With more than 1.28 billion daily and 1.94 billion monthly active users on the platform, it is probably your target and ideal client is using the platform on a regular and likely daily basis.

Developing and launching a Facebook advertisement is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can spend as little as $1 a day up to hundreds of thousands if you have the budget.

Although the tactics of simply setting up the ad are quite easy, achieving real business conversions at an optimal cost is not always as easy.

There are some key mistakes many marketers make that are stopping them from success with every ad they launch.

Take a listen to the latest Social Zoom Factor podcast episode 233 to learn 7 Reasons your Facebook ads are not converting and how to fix them!

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn: 

  • 7 Top reasons your Facebook ads may not be converting
  • How to increase the ROI of your Facebook advertising investment
  • Why you must know your customer and who you serve before even thinking about starting Facebook advertising
  • Why you must respect where your ideal customer is in the sales funnel
  • The importance of visuals in successful Facebook advertising for business
  • Why your ad may not be converting due to message that is not relevant, or on target with the needs of your audience
  • The importance of a relevant and valuable offer that resonates with your audience
  • Understanding the different levels of your conversion funnel
  • How to stop the leaky bucket and capture more leads

Need more help? Social Profit Factor Training Academy and Marketing Nutz Can Help! 

Check out our new comprehensive online social media and branding training academy, the Social Profit Factor, that will help you tap into the power of Facebook marketing and help you create a solid social media strategy and plan.  Sign up now to become a founding member and receive some incredible deals plus bonus offers.

Need us to help train your team? Give us a shout and let's get a custom workshop schedule for your organization. Increase sales by generating more leads using social media to nurture relationships.

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Facebook Groups provide a unique opportunity for brands of all sizes to build community, increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales. 

Take a listen to this podcast episode to learn how you can leverage Facebook groups to achieve your business goals. 

Learn more detailed strategies and tips for social media in Social Profit Factor Training Academy and Member Community 

In this podcast you will learn

Difference between a Facebook Page and Facebook Group

When to use a Facebook Group 

When to use a Facebook Business Page

How to setup and start your Facebook Group 

How to build and grow your community using a Facebook Group 

How to market your business using a Facebook Group 

How to promote your Facebook Group and Community 

Importance of establishing community Guidelines for your Facebook Group 

How to choose the right privacy settings for your Facebook Group 

Tips to inspire natural community leaders in your Facebook Group 

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Do you have social media problems? How about digital marketing problems? Or maybe even business branding and personal branding challenges?

I have amazing news for you today. We have answers ->

We have been working the past year on a game changing project to help your biggest challenges and problems related to social media marketing, digital marketing, branding, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Twitter, blogging, content marketing, audience marketing, influencer marketing and the list goes on!

I am beyond excited to announce that we are opening the official public doors to our brand new Social Profit Factor training academy and member community TODAY! Yes, we have removed the opt-in wall and you can now check out the details of Social Profit Factor right here, right now! 

Take a listen to this podcast to learn more! 

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Have you been spinning your wheels trying to utilize social media to grow your business? Do you feel as though you know the tactics and strategies yet are still struggling with how to align social media to your business for real results? 

When you hear your colleagues or others in your industry talk about the success they have achieved with social media, digital marketing, content marketing or email marketing do you want to just run away crying? 

If these thoughts seem familiar to how you feel, no worries. You have landed on the right blog post today.

Unfortunately many small business owners, entrepreneurs and even marketers working inside of larger organizations struggle with how to achieve measurable business results using social media. 

Much of this comes from the fud that exists in the social ecosystem. Too many bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and more spend their life touting how easy it is to make money using social media. Unfortunately most of these same people are still living in their mother's basement and/or struggle with keeping the lights on, let alone make an actual income from their efforts. 

Many talk a good talk but when you pull back the black curtain, they are far from walking the walk. 

So, how do you define success? How do you set goals? What is the difference between a social media strategy,  plan and tactics? 

How do you determine what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should focus on? 

If you struggle with answering these questions, then you need to take a listen to the latest Social Zoom Factor podcast episode #230 which will help you understand how to define what success looks like.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to define success for your social media efforts
  • Example business and marketing goals
  • Definition of a business goal, marketing goal and how they differ
  •  The difference between a goal, objective and KPI
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Example KPIs
  • and loads more...

Need more help? Social Profit Factor Training Academy Can Help! 

Check out our new comprehensive training academy, the Social Profit Factor, that will help with you improve the ROI and business return on all of your social media, digital marketing and branding investment.  Sign up now to become a founding member and receive some incredible deals plus bonus offers. Social Profit Factor will teach you how to win at the long game, not just jump in and out for the short one night social stand.

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When was the last time you read a blog post, watched a video, listened to a podcast or engaged with a piece of content of any format and thought "wow, that was an amazing piece of content that will help me solve the problem that has been stressing me out lately"?

The truth is if you recently had this experience, you likely remember not only exactly what the content was, but also what person and/or brand provided it to you.

The same person or brand likely earned your trust and has a higher level of authority in your mind. Chances are high you will be back to their website, blog, YouTube page, Facebook profile or whatever platform it was you originally found the content, to explore more ways that they can help you!

It's easy for marketing and business leaders to get caught up in the whirlwind of social media and content marketing vanity metrics. Many get addicted to the likes, shares and follows. Sometimes the desire for quantity over quality wins out over producing content that provides real value for our target audiences.

If you really want to connect with your target and ideal customer in a real, human, meaningful and memorable way, you need to help them. You need to consider producing content that actually helps them solve problems. Content that helps your audience be better, perform better and achieve more in their life brings your content true meaning to their business, heart and sometimes even soul.

Instead of chasing shiny social media objects, watching Facebook Live video all day long, I challenge you to set the same time side aside and focus on a few pinnacle pieces of content to set you apart from the status quo and even your toughest competition.

The road is rarely crowded on the extra mile. While others are settling for generic content that looks, smells and acts like the same content everyone else is producing and publishing, you should be taking your content to the next level and developing real solutions to your customers problems. I know you can do it!

Take a listen to the latest Social Zoom Factor podcast episode #229 to learn 25 Ideas for Helpful Content Marketing that will inspire, educate and empower your dream customer!

Need more help? Social Profit Factor Training Academy Can Help! 

Check out our new comprehensive training academy, the Social Profit Factor, that will help with you improve the ROI and business return on all of your social media, digital marketing and branding investment.  Sign up now to become a founding member and receive some incredible deals plus bonus offers. Social Profit Factor will teach you how to win at the long game, not just jump in and out for the short one night social stand.

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